CARNALITY: Details About The New Album "Dystopia"

Italian brutal death metal act Carnality signed a deal with Memorial Records for the release […]
September 29, 2014

Italian brutal death metal act Carnality signed a deal with Memorial Records for the release of their new album entitled "Dystopia", available from October 15th on all digital stores. The distribution of the physical version in Italy and UK is planned for November. Recorded at Domination Studios by Simone Mularoni "Dystopia" it's the direct evolution of the previous full-length sound's with a certain and well-studied usage of melody, especially in guitar solos, to enrich a strong and fierce technical brutal death metal, denoting influences that comes from Nile, Job For A Cowboy and Behemoth. The first band feedback about "Dystopia": "Our new record is a concept album set in a dystopic future in which society is not based on work anymore, and the only necessary activities are carried out by convicts deprived of their emotions, feelings and need to live in relation with others through genetic modification and nanotechnology. The concept is not limited to the lyrics, but is also extended to the musical section, rich of apocalyptic and oppressive atmospheres that will be your eternal partner during the listening. The struggle against tyranny has begun, will you enjoy the battle or you'll kneel?".

"Dystopia" tracklist:
01 Abyssus abyssum invocat
02 Doomsday
03 Fall of the human ratio
04 The right of oblivion
05 God over human ruins
06 A sysyphus drama
07 Lord of drones
08 Silent enim leges inter arma pt.1: A simulacrum of humanity
09 Silent enim leges inter arma pt.2: Resignation
10 Silent enim leges inter arma pt.3: The gift of anomie

Trailer video of "Dystopia" available at:

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Memorial Records
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