CANVAS: Have 'No Future' - New Video

Canvas are pleased to present the lyric video for forthcoming album opener 'No Future': […]
September 4, 2014

Canvas are pleased to present the lyric video for forthcoming album opener 'No Future': Self-styled as 'music for misery', Canvas - comprised of vocalist Jack Rogers, guitarists Dan Marsh and Chris Vernon, bassist Ricky Clarke and drummer Jon Vernon - pride themselves on having built up a formidable reputation on their own steam, solidifying a fervent following in the UK and European underground scenes. "We put 100% into this band - we believe if you put 100% into something you will get 100% back," asserts Rogers; "We've built this band from the ground up. For two years we have maintained a DIY work ethic. We try to keep things 'In House' as much as possible. Until recently we were booking our own shows and shaking hands with promoters ourselves ' that's really helped us get ahead and get on some great shows. Still to this day we still do pretty much everything ourselves. The phrase 'hardest working band...' is put out there a lot, but we definitely put a lot of work in to touring and keeping busy."

Taking a break from their throbbing touring calendar in August of 2013, Canvas entered the studio with producer Ed Sokolowski to record their debut opus, 'No Love, No Hope, No Future'. Finally due for release on October 20th via Transcend Music (Dead Harts, Heights, Liferuiner), 'No Love...' is downtempo and mournful, weighty in both sound and subject matter. "These songs are from a time in my life where I felt a bit lost, like a failure and a let-down," recalls Rogers. "These songs were my catharsis, a way of getting all my thoughts and worries off of my mind and channeling myself into something productive. But, they are nevertheless some of the darkest songs we have ever written."

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