"Everything must die, everything has to start over, and then, end again." Guitarist Marcos Moura […]
October 12, 2015

"Everything must die, everything has to start over, and then, end again."

Guitarist Marcos Moura started the project after the split-up of Nephasth, one of the most prominent Brazilian death metal bands in the early 2000s, which he was a member of. Accompanied by Pedro Webster on vocals & bass, Raissan Chedid on guitar and Matheus Montenegro (former member of The Ordher) on drums, the band started playing some local shows and recorded an EP in 2010 in their hometown of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

During the recording of what would become the first full-length album, Montenegro left the band, at which point Chedid, previously the guitarist, took over the drums and a new guitarist, Rafael Barros (another former member of Nephasth), was invited to join the band.

The new material already having been entirely recorded by the original line-up, leaving only the recording of a few backing vocals by Barros and the final production and mixing, the band released the pre-edited material on their YouTube channel in June 2014, where their first contact with the Danish label Mighty Music occurred.

Produced by Burn The Mankind and Henrique López, the album titled "To Beyond" contains 11 tracks, including two bonus tracks from their 2010 EP, with death metal as a musical reference along with the influences of grindcore and thrash metal. Webster says about the work: "!It features an ethical-existential concept of a character dominated by the void in a diseased society, who, through a subjective strength, overcomes the dialectical notions of good and evil, setting in motion a plan to transcend our physical world and thus being reborn."

'To Beyond' will be released worldwide on January 15, 2016

Check out the official lyric video for the song "To Beyond" here (presented by https://legacy.de/):

Mighty Music
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