BRING ME THE HORIZON: Audio Snippet Of New Song "True Friends" Premiers

An audio snippet of "True Friends", a brand new song from the British metalcore act […]
August 24, 2015

An audio snippet of "True Friends", a brand new song from the British metalcore act Bring Me The Horizon, can be streamed below. The full track is expected to be unveiled next week.

"True Friends" is taken from Bring Me The Horizon's fifth album, "That's The Spirit", which will be released on September 11 via Columbia Records. Eleven tracks were laid down for the CD, which was produced by Bring Me The Horizon keyboardist/vocalist Jordan Fish.

"That's The Spirit" Track Listing:

01. Doomed
02. Happy Song
03. Throne
04. True Friends
05. Follow You
06. What You Need
07. Avalanche
08. Run
09. Drown
10. Blasphemy
11. Oh No

The "That's The Spirit" Cover Art Can Be Seen Below.

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes told about the new album title: "It's a celebration of depression, a way of making light of it. 'That's The Spirit' - it's quite a depressing phrase when you think about it - the sort of thing you only ever use when you know there's no positive answer to the situation."

Recording sessions for "That's The Spirit" took place at Black Rock Studios on the Greek island of Santorini. The CD will include the track"Drown", which was released as a "tester" single, plus "Happy Song", described by Sykes as an "unofficial title track."

Speaking about the much wider palette of influences which have gone into the making of Bring Me The Horizon's new CD, Sykes said: "This time round, the challenge wasn't just for people to be impressed that a screamer's learned to sing. We had to come back with something that would be impressive for people who had no idea of the history of the band."

Regarding the fact that Bring Me The Horizon chose to have Fish helm the new effort, Sykes said: "Producers are fine. But they want to justify the importance of their jobs sometimes, so they say things to you like: 'Oh, I know - why can't you do it in the swimming pool?' We know enough now that we were, like, 'It's not that hard. Let's just lay everything down the best way we can, and get on with it.'" "Plus," added Fish, "they cost a lot of money."

Bring Me The Horizon's "Live At Wembley" concert DVD was released in June. The set was filmed last December in London when the Yorkshire-based band headlined that city's most prestigious venue, Wembley Arena.

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