Blood, Laughs And A Lot Of Heavy Metal by Lotty Whittingham

Ever since the release of the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy New Zealand is slowly […]
September 30, 2015

Ever since the release of the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy New Zealand is slowly becoming a prominent location for some of the best films. The newest film to hit this list of classics is the upcoming blood splattering, highly humorous "Deathgasm".

When you hear a film title like "Deathgasm" you can't help but give a chuckle at how ridiculous the name sounds yet it sparks interest at the same time; before I give an overview of this brutally, brilliant move I need to tell you that a sense of humour and a heart of steel are both required to appreciate this film.

"Deathgasm" tells the story of new kid on the block Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) and bad-boy Zakk (James Blake) bonding over their mutual love of the heavy end of the musical spectrum. They form a band with nerdy outcasts Dion (Sam Berkley) and Giles (Daniel Cresswell) called "Deathgasm". Along the way, they come across ancient music sheets; thinking it will be THE song to give them fame and stardom they unknowingly release malicious forces. These vicious forces possess those who have listened to this literally ear bleeding, face melting music turning them into blood thirsty demons that literally tear their victims apart.

This is a weird thing to say about a Horror film but this film was rather charming; there was certainly some "Shaun Of The Dead" elements seen here and there was a little bit of everything here, one minute you could be getting completely grossed out by the body parts being ripped off then next you could be laughing your head off (not literally of course). One of the demons being impaled with dildos was a particular highlight and ingenious idea.

As a metal head myself the anecdotes and connotations of this culture referred to in the movie were all too relatable; particularly the first few seconds where main character Brodie describes what people's initial thoughts of Heavy Metal are and when fellow metal head Zakk gives a look of disgust when he sees a POISON record on sale. For those who aren't familiar with the metal community anything under the Glam Metal umbrella is often disregarded as false metal by the diehard fans of Extreme Metal. What I admired about this was the stereotypes were accurate but not over the top. A film metal heads will most definitely relate to.

Also having made films myself; I like to look at the different camera angles and editing as that can contribute to the film's final outcome. The effective close ups and jaunty angles alongside the mesmerising film score create great suspense even making one jump out of their seat a bit. A lot of the aspects of creating this film seemed simple but incredibly effective; it shows us you don't need a million dollars to look a million dollars.
The overall verdict? A highly enjoyable film that will trigger every emotion, an important recommendation for those who love blood, Heavy Metal and a lot of laughs.

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*Words by Lotty Whittingham

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