BLACK COBRA: Premiere "Challenger Deep Track & Announce New Album Coming February 26th, 2016

Black Cobra are now revealing details about their forthcoming album 'Imperium Simulacra', which has been […]
November 27, 2015

Black Cobra are now revealing details about their forthcoming album 'Imperium Simulacra', which has been slated for worldwide release on February 26th. See below for more information.

The hardcore-fuelled sludge metal act is furthermore premiering the first track taken from their new full-length. "Challenger Deep" is currently streaming at Lambgoat:

Regarding "Challenger Deep" the band comments: "The song refers to the deepest measured point in the ocean. It is loosely inspired by the film 'Warm Gods of the Deep' as well as our fascination with the extremes of the natural world. We are very excited to present you with the newest offering from our sonic bestiary. Enjoy!"

Artwork and track list for 'Imperium Simulacra' can be viewed below and may be published at any time.

"Imperium Simulacra" Tracklist:

1. Challenger Deep
2. Imperium Simulacra
3. Fathoms Below
4. Eye Among The Blind
5. The Messenger
6. Obsolete
7. Dark Shine
8. Sentinel (Infinite Observer)
9. Technical Demise

Listening to 'Imperium Simulacra' is like watching an experienced chef at work. His shimmering knives are honed to perfection. First a chunk of flesh is hacked with precision into just the right size. With a sharp blade all the excess fat and gristle are trimmed away in quick strokes until only the lean meat remains. The bloody piece is fried in a hot pan to keep it juicy. Each morsel will be succulent and tasty.

The frying guitars, burning rhythms and rugged vocals on each of the nine new songs by Black Cobraw are about as delicious. The band was formed in 2001 by guitarist and vocalist Jason Landrian (ex-Cavity), who was joined by Rafael Martinez (ex-Acid King, -16, Gammera). The duo exploded from the underground with their scathing take on hardcore fuelled sludge metal.

After the release of 4 well-received full lengths, Black Cobra have leveled venues first across the United States and increasingly on international stages alongside such cult acts as High On Fire, Weedeater, Pelican, The Sword, YOB, Sleep, Torche, Kyuss Lives, and many more.

Now Black Cobra are more than ready to take several big steps up the ladder of success and take the world by storm with 'Imperium Simulacra'. Crank up the volume, bang your head, and let this album shred!

Black Cobra Line-up Is:

Jason Landrian: Vocals & Guitars
Rafael Martinez: Drums

Season Of Mist
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