BISHOP OF HEXEN: Signed to Dusktone, launches first lyric video of the upcoming album

Dusktone is very thrilled to announce the signing of well known symphonic Black Metal band […]
February 9, 2020

Dusktone is very thrilled to announce the signing of well known symphonic Black Metal band THE BISHOP OF HEXEN.

Formed in late 1994 in Israel, the band has released one of the most appreciated atmospheric black metal album to date "Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy", now after 14 years since their latest album the band announces their return from the darkest depths

Today they release their first single lyric video "Death Masks", before their highly anticipated new full length album "The Death Masquerade" drops on spring 2020.
you can enjoy watching this video at :

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This new set of songs promises a deep and introspecting journey, from orchestral black metal vibes to theatrical and monumental atmospheres.

> the band states :

"Ancient curses and demonic spirits never die; they only fool thee they are asleep. Now, we have awakened from slumber - after five years where we have taken a wretched, black path to hell and back - we have finally been able to overcome a plethora of impediments and obstacles to bring forth an infernal and musically opulent opus. Our new creation will feature a galore of guest artists and theatrical musical boundaries never explored by us before. We pray that the toil taken shall suffice to appease the crowds and deities. The exact date of incantation will be announced by our label Dusktone. Awake and harken, as grand tidings are soon to be delivered"

Stay tuned for updates and further details connecting to Dusktone channels and The Bishop of Hexen ones :

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