It's a great privilege for us to announce today the incorporation of the legendary Black […]
November 10, 2015

It's a great privilege for us to announce today the incorporation of the legendary Black Death Metal band Between the Frost to our roster, beyond any doubt, one of the absolutely essential names of the Spanish metal scene finally ends up at Darkwoods.

Formed in the early nineties, Between the Frost has inked with golden letters the history of Black Metal in our country, not only for being one of the first bands playing it, mostly for the enormous quality and brilliance of their proposal, as well as for the immaculate trajectory they have carried on along the years with a masterful succession of albums that made them as one of the most prestigious bands of the Spanish scene and one of the mostly recognized one at an international level.

If Instinct of Surliness is already a legendary album for all who was fortunate to experience at first hand the nineties scene in Spain, Realms of Desolation or their most recent album Inferno's Conflagration are two big examples that we have in our hands one of the most powerful and solid bands playing Black Death Metal that, after more than twenty years of their foundation, the myth is strongest and powerful than ever...

Their so expected fourth full-length album Above a Kingdom Under the Sands will be here soon, probably in the first semester of 2016, before this we are preparing a so personal opus in which we have been working side by side with the band in the last months with the idea of doing something so special for all the fans that are supporting Between the Frost since the beginning, because it carry us back in time to their first and brilliant era, connecting us with the days of their demo, with the days of the legendary Instinct of Surliness, an opus from which you can now delight a little advance...

From the Roots Official Teaser:

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