BC MUSIC: Releases FREE Digital Compilation "The Lineup, Volume: 1"

BC Music, the record label formed by Matt Carter and Toby Morrell of the popular […]
December 17, 2014

BC Music, the record label formed by Matt Carter and Toby Morrell of the popular rock group, Emery, along with close friend, Pastor and former Emery bassist, Joey Svendsen, has released a free digital compilation, The Lineup, Volume: 1

The 24-track The Lineup, Volume: 1 features a mix of both BC Music artists like Emery, Kings Kaleidoscope and The Classic Crime, as well as other signed and independent acts.

BC Music commented, "The purposeof this compilation is just to share good music with people. We have found some lesser known bands that we want to help be heard. We are proud of all of the BC Music artists and want to showcase them, and we are friends with some bands on other labelsthat we just felt like sharing as well."

The Lineup, Volume: 1 Track Listing:

1. Dreams - Kings Kaleidoscope (BC Music, https://www.kingskaleidoscope.com/)
2. Chemistry - Almost Normal (Independent, https://www.facebook.com/almostnormalband)
3. Friends Hurt - We Are The City (Independent, https://wearethecity.ca/)
4. Three Is A Crowd - '68 (Good Fight Music / eOne Entertainment,https://theyare68.com/)
5. Table of Kings - Search for Safety (Independent, https://searchforsafety.bandcamp.com/)
6. We All Look Elsewhere (Revisited) - The Classic Crime (BC Music, www.theclassiccrime.com)
7. Hoax - Kevin William (Independent, https://kevinwilliam.bandcamp.com/releases)
8. Alligator (DEMO) - Abandon Kansas (BC Music, https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/abandon-kansas)
9. Weary Eyes - Talking Trees (Independent, https://www.facebook.com/TalkingTreesMusic)
10. Patmos - The Foxery (Spartan Records, https://www.thefoxery.com/)
11. Withering Heights - Edelweiss (Independent, www.EdelweissOfficial.bandcamp.com)
12. I Got Taken for a Bath - Emery (BC Music, www.emerymusic.com)
13. Saloon - The Ongoing Concept (Solid State Records, https://www.theongoingconcept.com/)
14. Closed Mind, Closed Eyes - Crowns (Independent, www.crownsmusic.bandcamp.com)
15. Song in the Air - Pacific Gold (Independent, https://www.pacific-gold.com/)
16. Bounty - Cardinal Harbor (Independent, www.cardinalharbor.com)
17. Crashing - jamieson. (Independent, www.whoisjamieson.com)
18. What's Good for the King - Sullivan (Spartan Records, https://www.wearesullivan.com/)
19. Retribution - Convalesce (Independent, https://convalesce.bandcamp.com/)
20. Relief - Wolves at the Gate (Solid State Records, https://www.wolvesatthegate.com/)
21. Eyes Wide Shut - Asyla (Independent, https://www.facebook.com/AsylaGA)
22. The Road - Vocal Few (BC Music, https://www.vocalfew.com/)
23. Avalanche - Handsome and Gretyl (Independent, https://www.handsomeandgretyl.com/)
24. Guest List - Rusty Cole (Independent, rustysdt@gmail.com)

BadChristian was formed in 2013 by Carter, Morrell and Svendsen.Carter and Morrell are worship leaders and founders of Emery, a successful touring rock band that has sold over 500,000 records and toured in 49 states.

BC Music
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