BARATHRUM: to release unreleased album from 1993 & first-ever reissue of 1997 EP‏

Saturnal Records has set December 19th, 2014 as the international release date for three Barathrum […]
November 9, 2014

Saturnal Records has set December 19th, 2014 as the international release date for three Barathrum releases: the Warmetal vinyl LP that is a long-lost album of the mighty Barathrum from 1993 that has remained unreleased until today, and the Jetblack EP, the first official vinyl reissue of this cult classic EP from 1997. Both these recordings will also be released on one digipack CD titled as Jetblack Warmetal.

Barathrum is a black metal band founded at Kuopio, Finland in 1990 under the original name of Darkfeast, which changed into Barathrum the year after.Barathrum is one of the first Finnish black metal bands together with such acts as Beherit, Archgoat, Impaled Nazarene, and Azazel and has ever since been one of the most influential black metal bands not only in Scandinavia, but in the world.

During its nearly 25-year career, the band - led by its sole mastermind, songwriter and lyricist Demonos Sova - has released eight studio albums (the best known, perhaps, being 1998's Legions Of Perkele) and several minor releases on the way that has been filled with the seas of alcohol, occult madness, and countless hardships together with equally many lineup changes since the beginning of the band.

There is no telling where Barathrum goes next, but while awaiting the next move, Saturnal Records will release one long-lost and unreleased album found from the archives, straight from the year 1993, titled Warmetal together with first ever reissue of Jetblack EP in December 2014. Vinyl covers and tracklistings are as follows:

Tracklisting for Barathrum's Warmetal
1. Beltane
2. Boundless Art
3. Sinister Autumn
4. Soaring Up From Hell
5. Warmetal
6. Dagger, Seal, Vengeance
7. Moon Calls

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