BAEST: The Danish death metal band will be streaming last year's entire explosive COPENHELL concert upcoming Friday, June 5.

The up-and-coming Danish death metal band BAEST conquers audiences and steals their hearts everywhere they […]
June 3, 2020

The up-and-coming Danish death metal band BAEST conquers audiences and steals their hearts everywhere they perform. This musical beast's crushing live show is one long dismemberment of both body and soul ' something that the COPENHELL festivalgoers really got to feel during last year's amazing concert. Here, BAEST performed on the festival's second largest stage in front of an absolutely packed and fired-up audience, and the concert was rated as one of the festival's greatest experiences by both reviewers and festivalgoers.

BAEST now gives everyone the opportunity to (re)experience their monumental achievement at COPENHELL 2019: The concert will be streamed on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube on Friday, June 5 at 20:00. The band members will watch the almost 1-hour long set together with their fans and chat with them ' and they have never seen the concert recording themselves, so this will be just as new an experience for them as it is for everyone else watching!

Guitar player Svend Karlsson says that this particular concert was a decisive milestone in the band's history: "After last year's concert, we all talked about how much it meant to us. We all pretty much agree that just as soon as the carpet fell in the beginning of the show, we were absolutely gobsmacked. We were just standing there shouting and screaming, because it was so overwhelming. Everything felt so completely unrealistic. We were standing in front of the biggest audience we've ever played for, and we got to play exactly the show that we have always dreamed about playing. The first circle pit started right away, while we were just running around on the stage like giddy little kids who just got to jump in puddles for the first time in their life".

"As a band, we are good at removing the fourth wall and being totally honest, feeling everything and committing ourselves a hundred percent. And our audience really loves it. We have been on an insanely fast journey together with them, and everything has been as overwhelming for them as it is for us. I don't think that any of the parties understand what is actually happening. All the energy that is created during our concerts is a shared product, as they lift up the entire thing together with us. They are a part of the game, and all of it is also a part of the COPENHELL atmosphere.

The band's lead singer Simon Olsen describes last year's COPENHELL concert as an almost transcendental experience: "It was a somatic feeling: All the blood simply disappeared from all limbs and went down into the very small feet. There was so much momentum in both body and soul that everything was elevated into something new. It was as if what was happening on the stage melted completely together with what happened among the audience into one great shared experience. Normally, there is a certain distance between the band and the audience, but here we just turned into a kind of singularity. We always try to create a close and intimate experience during our concerts, but we only rarely get to experience something like this".

"COPENHELL has created a playform that has allowed us to develop this enormously important connection with our fans and interact so closely with them. It gave us the best possible framework to reach people and show our worth and everything that BAEST stands for".

Go to Twitch, Youtube and Facebook for more information and watch the entire BAEST concert online together with the band and lots of other metal fans!

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