Evil Confrontation Records is a traditional metal label that has been functioning for over three […]
April 4, 2014

Evil Confrontation Records is a traditional metal label that has been functioning for over three years. Besides some releases done throughout these years (Necroripper, Epic Irae and Metal Grave), we have worked on two versions of the Evil Confrontation Festival, which gathers foreign and Chilean bands.

The fourth release of our label is AXE BATTLER self titled album, heavy metal played in the traditional way, just the way it has to be played.

Formed in 2009, Axe Battler released their first EP "The Wrath of My Steel" on Tape via Panzerkommando Records and on CD via MetalMania Records (now merged with Evil Confrontation Records, since we were working together since Evil Confrontation Festival I), which contained four songs and a Witch Cross cover (Fight the Fire). It had a great impact on the national metal scene, since there were almost no bands playing heavy metal in Chile. With great acceptance from the crowd and the real heavy metal fans, who were waiting a long time for something like this, Axe Battler started to play live and add more members to their ine-up, for a more functional and polished sound. After the addition of Tomás to the bass guitar, and getting a solid line up with him in the band, Axe Battler recorded a couple of bonus tracks for the re-release of "The Wrath of My Steel" (Midnight Racer, Endless Battles and Hammerhead [Tysondog Cover]) on vinyl via Heavy Forces Records (Germany).

After a couple of years playing live and becoming even better on stage (and the addition of a second guitar player), Axe Battler began recording their debut album in DM6 Studios with Pablo Clares (Atomic Aggressor, Magnanimus) in late 2013. Finally, this album will see the light via Evil Confrontation Records in early April 2014.

Axe Battler emerge from the Greek ruins to swing a Metal Axe to your face: ten songs of pure traditional heavy metal, which include a triad of three Greek Heroes: Heracles (Lionhead), Cast in Stone (Perseus) and Minotaur's Labyrinth (Perseus); tales of the Spartans (Marching Phalanxes), and lots more!

Evil Confrontation Records
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