ATTRACTIVE CHAOS: Release "The Fire Between Us."

Despite only forming as recently as January 2022 Attractive Chaos already possess a poise and […]
March 6, 2023

Despite only forming as recently as January 2022 Attractive Chaos already possess a poise and style that many long established bands would be envious of. The musical chemistry that exists between the core members of this remarkable outfit - bassist Pietro Paolo Lunesu (Even Flow), guitarist Clément Botz (Beneath My Sins) and vocalist Emma Elvaston (Beneath My Sins) ' is simply breathtaking. They each bring a personal touch of magic to the Attractive Chaos sound and the first results of this sorcerous connection are now with us in the form of The Fire Between Us.
Featuring six stunning tracks that explore the mysteries of the human heart, The Fire Between Us is an incredibly accomplished release, with the power to captivate and entrance. Within a gleaming melodic metal framework the band have crafted songs that harness dramatic power and unfurl the most beautifully blossoming choruses and melody lines; from the instantly unforgettable and wonderfully spirit lifting 'Won And Lost' to the moody and dramatic 'The Storm' ' one of two songs where Emma Elvaston's soaring vocals are complimented by the warm, rich tomes of guest vocalist Mario Del Rio Escobedo (Erszebeth, The Dark Star Calling, Alia Tempora). Emotion and artistry combine in perfect balance as Attractive Chaos lead the listener through an enthralling journey that fires the imagination and resonates with our most precious and powerful memories.

The Fire Between Us will be released on April 12th, just as Attractive Chaos conclude their European tour with Temperance and Phantom Elite. Mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni (Deathless Legacy, Elvenking, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody etc) at Domination Studio and enfolded in the astounding artwork of Mickaël Briot of Mythrid Art (Even Flow, In Defilade, Nightmare etc) the care taken over every single aspect of The Fire Between Us is simply astonishing. Attractive Chaos have already created a work of true depth and worth!and this is just the beginning.

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