ATHROX: Released New Video For "Sadness N' Tears."

Athrox release now the new lyric video for the song Sadness N' Tears, taken from […]
February 12, 2019

Athrox release now the new lyric video for the song Sadness N' Tears, taken from the acclaimed last album Through the Mirror out via Revalve Records.
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Athrox is the brainchild of the guitar player Sandro Seravalle and the drummer Alessandro Brandi, with the addition of Francesco Capitoni at the guitar and the bassplayer Andrea Capitani.

The lineup found its final shape with the singer Giancarlo Picchianti. With these members Athrox started the songwriting process for their first full lenght album entitled Are you alive? featuring 11 brand new heavy metal tracks â€" released by Red Cat Records in 2016.

Athrox music style is a powerful mixture of heavy metal with thrash elements, but characterized by different elements which brought the band to a great response from critics and audience.

The lyrical concept behin Are you alive?€ features the rising problems of mankind: war and massive new media problems which enslaved our free will and sensibiliy. Are you alive? is the question Athrox would like to ask to everyone, to everyone enslaved by this corrupted society.

The live activity has led the Athrox to share the stage with great artists such as Iced Earth, Ross The Boss, Mike Le Pond, Phil Campbell and many others, playing in local and renowned festivals.

Now the band is working for the new album €Å"Through the Mirror€ , which is going to be released on November 9th 2018 via Revalve Records.


Giancarlo "IAN" Picchianti - Lead Vocals
Sandro "SYRO" Seravalle - Guitars
Francesco "FRANK" Capitoni - Guitars
Andrea "LOBO" Capitani - Bass Guitars
Alessandro "AROON" Brandi - Drums

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