As Dramatic Homage: New stage and new achievements

Currently AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE faces a new time, changes in your training and in your […]
February 1, 2014

Currently AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE faces a new time, changes in your training and in your routine as a band, but those who think that these moved by obstacles, however, all these changes were very welcome and are doing very well to group.

According to the leader Alexandre Pontes: "We think that in a way, we abdicate certain self-indulgence to make something better looking the right way and leaving what hindered us aside, bringing all the focus again the band."

Currently the band is preparing new compositions for the replacement of "Crown", which will come even more varied and differentiated. Certainly the year 2014 will be a lot of work and achievements for AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE and if you want to not miss any news stay tuned on Heavy And Hell Press!

For those unaware, the first disc of AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE is completing one year and seven months of release, so "Crown" has been outstanding and always getting rave reviews, and has also been pointed as one of the best bands of Avant - Garde Metal country.

"Crown" technical, sentimental and extremely varied sounds, turning the hearing into a real discovery, as each track is a surprise, and among the highlights are "Monumental" with his gruff and gloomy weather and "Idyllic" sounding technical, varied and sticky, becoming the anthem of the disc.

Check out the two important sites have to say about "Crown":

Road to Metal: " "Crown", which ends quickly (just over 30 minutes), which makes the listening becomes tiresome, shows all the talent that Pontes, and present yourself as a pleasant surprise as a composer instrumental (he has experience, just need more recognition), took part to the lyrical musings of great philosophical origin, showing the skill that goes beyond the world of sound and put you to rethink existence."

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Rock on Stage: "As Dramatic Homage, is very interesting that the changes are applied, including some flirting with progressive. Who appreciate names like Vintersong, My Dying Bride and up to Crown find an honest and well - recorded disc that has as its most prominent non - aggressiveness of their music, but the beautiful melodies and progressive philosophical lyrics created by As Dramatic Homage."

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Renato Junior
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