AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE: Exceeding Expectations

AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE appeared in 1999, in order to make a different sound and original. […]
November 5, 2013

AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE appeared in 1999, in order to make a different sound and original. Born in Rio de Janeiro, in 2012 the band released their first full album under the name "Crown". And after the release we can say that AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE won many admirers, and many positive reviews about their work.

Check out what the media has been talking about the album "Crown":

DIE FIGHT: "This is not a conventional disc and this is not a conventional band. Some will think it strange, but this is one of the best albums of its kind in Brazil."

Heavy And Hell: "Certainly unique and daring in terms of Brazil a sound very difficult to find something new that breathes in our scene, and it shows here to stay, certainly one of the best albums of 2012."

Whiplash: "Crown is a particular good work that brings philosophical concepts in their subjects, in addition to exploring different sounds. Having started his career focused on the Black/Doom Metal, the music of As Dramatic Homage still contains elements of these styles, but goes far beyond. Progressive passages, rhythmic variations and even emanate in a climate epic compositions. Weight in right measure contributes much to the context of the work, as is evident in compositions as Monumental and Redemption. compositions more melodic as The Omnipresent Icon and prove Journey Inside versatility of the Crown."

Metal Samsara: "Work is picking up influences from several other aspects of Metal combined, but this work leads to aggression and harsh drought even more seriously, but without losing the emotional density catchy melodies and great strength with very good technique. Namely, the listener has their hands on a job well done with guitars riffs sometimes aggressive, sometimes more dense and strong feeling, and most other climate."

For those who do not know, "Crown" was recorded almost alone by mentor and leader Alexandre Pontes, which showed their creativity and willpower to make his band move on. Currently the group is reformed and Alexander now has a full band, and are in the process of writing the new album, plus several shows scheduled. Stay tuned this name!

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