ARCANE RITUAL: To release controversial single on 9/11

Arcane Ritual is set to release their first new single "Enemy of the State" on […]
September 10, 2015

Arcane Ritual is set to release their first new single "Enemy of the State" on 9/11. This new music is both brutal and beautiful with complementary (and equally controversial) artwork featuring graphics from artist Jessica Allain (see attached). The song is already drawing comparisons to Testament, Vio-lence and Acid Drinkers. It has also been noted that vocals give a nod to Johnny Rotten and Jello Biafra.

The cover features the Roman goddess, Libertas, tied and kneeling in front of a firing squad, flanked by headless business men with demonic eyes hovering in the sky. Both the cover and lyrics hint at a conspiracy that many in the world already suspect.

Arcane Ritual is founded by guitarist/composer Jarek Tatarek, also founder of the legendary Polish/San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Ashtaroth, Arcane Dimension, Enclave, etc.) and vocalist Teresa Camp (Arcane Dimension, Halcyon Days.) Born out of a a love of heavy music and all things dark, atmospheric and melodic. This song is just the beginning of an album in the works that will continue in the vein of "brutal yet beautiful" and touch on many poignant political subjects as well as more esoteric ideas.

This is a digital only release and can be found on all major music outlets including: Amazon, iTunes, Band Camp and many others.

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Jaroslaw Tatarek
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