APHYXION: Premiere Brand New Video!

Having released two albums to date, followed by more than 100 shows all over Europe […]
March 16, 2019

Having released two albums to date, followed by more than 100 shows all over Europe in within two years only, and that all at the age of 24. Denmark's up&coming APHYXION have already left an impressive stamp in nowadays metal scene, May 10th will see the band release their third studio album, Void, on Prime Collective!

With their blistering mix between modern death metal and melodic metalcore breaking the genre borders, the five-piece power unit continues to release an album that will elevate the band to a new level. APHYXION has pushed and perfected their sound even further with songs that will warm the neck muscles, make you loose your voice and press replay again and again. Void presents a more contemporary and alternative songwriting taking big chances by stepping even further away from their death metal heritage. But one of the biggest changes to the sound on Void is the discovery of Jais' vocal chords. As APHYXION has evolved away from the death metal sound and more over to a metalcore vibe with death metal growls, the focus on the lyrics has shifted as well. Void is the most personal album APHYXION has ever written.

Today the band is sharing with us a brand new video to the song 'Sleepwalkers'. Michael Vahl, lead singer explains: "Originally this song had nothing to do with technology, digital dementia or anything like that. It was about the feeling of just " going with the flow", and being the blind sheep that just follows everyone around you, without daring to stand out. However, the title 'Sleepwalkers' made other associations, when it was presented to the director Hans Asmussen. He quickly managed to pull together a script that revolved around technology and its iron grip on modern man, and we loved it."

Watch APHYXION's new video right HERE:

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Void track listing:

1. Fork Tongued
2. Sleepwalkers
3. Restless Nights
4. Crown Of Thorns
5. Happily Apathetic
6. A Gap of Sky
7. Sedate Myself
8. Pain
9. No Man Is An Island
10. Stronger In The End
11. Void

Void has been produced by Jonas Haagensen and mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen (Dizzy, Volbeat, Amaranthe). While APHYXION is a renowned live act, already showcased their live talent in support for heavy weights such as Metallica, Soilwork, Soulfly and being nominated for several awards for their previous releases including Gaffa Awards and the Danish Rock Awards, the band will announce several upcoming live dates soon!

Void is set to be released on May 10th 2019 through Prime Collective.


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