ANTITHEIST: To Release Debut Album "Omnicide" on March 1st

Nova Scotia, Canada - Antitheist, the space thrash band, is set to release their debut […]
February 22, 2023

Nova Scotia, Canada - Antitheist, the space thrash band, is set to release their debut full-length album "Omnicide" on March 1st. The band, known for their white-hot guitar riffs, pounding drums, and deep space bass guitars, recorded the album over the cold February winter.

"Omnicide" includes ten tracks featuring both howled and sung vocals, speedy trem riffs, melodic leads, and super catchy choruses. The album's lyrical focus centers on the horrors of deep space, galactic obliteration, time's progression, and mankind's sometimes feeble attempts to better themselves. Space is lonely and humanity's penchant for killing themselves is lonelier still.

Antitheist released their demo over 10 years ago and only a three-song EP sometime after that, so "Omnicide" is a long time coming. The album was recorded after frontman The World Controller finished recording Cronenberg's second album "Grandiose Throne of Grotesque Flesh."

"Omnicide" tracklisting:

Supermassive Black Halo
Chaos Breaks
Total Fucking Meltdown
Demigod Prototype
The Mathematics of Obliteration
Godhead Emulator
Destiny: Shattered
The Progression of Time
Deity Conversion Protocol

For fans of Annihilator, Razor, and Voivod, "Omnicide" will be available on, with the album being on streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music. The album's second track "Chaos Breaks" is already available to listen to on Antitheist's Bandcamp page and Blackened Death Records' Bandcamp page.

Instagram: @antitheistmusic
Twitter: @antitheistmetal

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