ANGELSEED: Announce New Contract With SlipTrick Records & New Album

Although all started as a project, in one moment of time when perfect line-up was […]
January 21, 2016

Although all started as a project, in one moment of time when perfect line-up was found, six very talented musicians; from academically educated musicians to musicians with many years of experience on the music scene, decided to give the name to their creation – AngelSeed. Damir Marijan Maras (rhythm-guitar), Siniša Antunović-Medo (bass), Jurica Baljak (drums), Juraj Birin (solo guitar), Jurica Bažant (keyboards) and Ivana Anic-Lara (vocal) refused to be a slave to any metal genre in particular and that's the reason AngelSeed music is mixture of different sub-genres of heavy metal music, from symphonic metal, power and classic heavy metal, thrash metal, gothic and many others, with a touch of different folk and classical influences as well.

AngelSeed wants to reach highest production standards, so they took a long journey from their homeland Croatia to Sweden where they recorded their debut album.

Perfect playing and constant change of atmosphere from song to song will take every listener to the travel from aggressive, to sad and melancholic mood. Lot of beautiful melodies and lyrics are reflections of their attitudes about life, wishes, friendship, desires, love, sadness and happiness and thoughts of death and life in general are giving free space to everyone to extract their own conclusions and create their own ideas.

Beautiful female vocals with a support of aggressive male vocals and choirs will take every listener to an unexplored corners of their imagination of different Worlds and dimensions.

Aggressive metal sound is result of mixing and mastering by one of the best metal producers Jens Bogren (Fascination Studios). He was perfectly put together complex and layered sound and all different influences and musical instruments which are usually not part of standard heavy metal sound. Very good example is classical strings quartet which is guest on six songs of the album. When we are talking about guests, there are few more on the CD. Christopher Amott (Armageddon, ex-Arch Enemy) played guitar solo on song 'Forever Blind', Mikkel Sandager Pedersen (One Machine, ex-Mercenary) sang lead male vocals in song 'Bloodfield', Zoran Misic (finalist of Croatian edition of Pop Idol) sang duet with Lara in song 'Breaking Dawn' and Stefan Isebring, Swedish musician played flute and nickelharpa in few songs.

After a long journey to make this 11 songs ready to be presented to worldwide audience AngelSeed and Sliptrick Records scheduled this release for Fall 2015

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