AMULET: Debut Album "The First" To Be Released In Mid September, First Track Launched Today

Century Media Records are very proud to announce the release of "The First", the debut […]
August 29, 2014

Century Media Records are very proud to announce the release of "The First", the debut album of AMULET, Britain's rising force of real heavy metal. "The First" will be released on September 22nd all across Europe. The album track "Mark Of Evil" has just been uploaded to Soundcloud. Raise your fists and bang your heads on this one:

With the brawling street spirit of early 80's metal ' think of Iron Maiden's days in rough boozers rather than sports stadiums ' AMULET capture the sound of classic metal, but more importantly, they bring the feeling of fist-to-the-chops-and-don't-spill-my-pint grit firmly into the 21st century.

What AMULET deliver on "The First" is something more than music. It's the honest spirit of heavy metal. The joy that comes from having this stuff fired at you by people who believe, unwaveringly, in just how important and powerful it is. And on this form, AMULET could be made of the most powerful metal of all.

"The First" will be released on LP (gatefold cover, fold-out inlay, heavy vinyl), CD and as digital download. Get to the record store/mailorder of your choice or check out one of the below sellers of "The First" and pre-order your copy of the album today:

CM Distro:
High Roller Records:

"The First" LP tracklist:

Side 1
1. Evil Cathedral
2. Glint Of The Knife
3. The Gauntlet
4. Bloody Night
5. Heathen Castle
6. The Flight

Side 2
1. Talisman
2. The Sacrifice
3. Mark Of Evil
4. Wicked 'n Cruel
5. Black Candle
6. Trip Forever
7. Nightmare

The CD version of "The First" includes a cover version of Coven's "Wicked Woman" as bonus.

Century Media Records
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