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We're glad to announce that our new studio album, named MAGIC FOREST is now ready […]
October 31, 2013

We're glad to announce that our new studio album, named MAGIC FOREST is now ready to be recorded and will see a day of light in early 2014. This amazing new album will include 10 brand new songs written by Tuomas Seppälä. The lyrics are written by bands new singer CAPRI.

We're recording this new studio album without any financial support from record labels and we want to call for our fans to help us to finance these recordings. Our IndieGoGo fund-raising project just kicked off and now our fans can literally be part of this album.

We're created carefully selected perks for you. And you can support us by bying them. For example MP'3, CD's, signed CD's and unique painting from one of our past gigs. You can also get your name written on album booklet and tell the world that we did it together! Our Indiegogo project site can be found here:

You can find this teaser video what we created for the campaign and it includes demo samples of 3 new songs,

Here's Tuomas's comments about MAGIC FOREST album:
" Capri (our new singer) came onboard last year and our fans were really anxious to hear how she sounds singing AD songs. Back then we decided to record a compilation album before going into studio with brand new songs. Capri was under a lot of pressure because of all those expectations. She has managed to convince us all and the fans, that she is THE ONE for us. A perfect match for AD's new era and sound. Now we're ready to start recording new songs, which are composed and arranged especially for her voice.

Musically I've moved a little bit more keyboard-driven feeling and sound. That hasn't been a decision of mine, it's all just a part of a natural evolution on my song-writing. All songs I compose, are always based on the current feelings I'm having at the moment and now it was time for some melodic, keyboard-driven and even AOR-kind of songs. I also wanted to use the whole scale of Capri's vocal range (which is enormous!). She can sing almost anything. Classical style, rock style, name it and she delivers. I'm so excited about this new MAGIC FOREST album project.

It's definitely going to be one of the best AD -albums so far. Musically these songs are written without any pressure, I've had all the time in the world and also given free hands to lead AD's music to new direction. I'm sure that our fans and also new audiences are going to love this album."

Wolf Mühlmann / Sure Shot Worx
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