ALMANAC: Second Studio Making Of "Tsar" Revealed

Victor Smolski's new band, Almanac, will release their debut album called "Tsar" on March 18th, […]
December 31, 2015

Victor Smolski's new band, Almanac, will release their debut album called "Tsar" on March 18th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records. Victor Smolski himself was responsible for the production of the record. Mixing was completed by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann (Orden Ogan).

Today, the band reveals the second Studio making-of "Tsar", watch it here:

The cover artwork was created by famous Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák (Wisdom, Annihilator, Tyr, Destruction, Elvenking,...).

The Tracklist Of "Tsar" Tracks Up As Follows:

1. Tsar
2. Self Blinded Eyes
3. Darkness
4. Hands Are Tied
5. Children Of The Future
6. No More Shadows
7. Nevermore
8. Reign Of Madness
9. Flames Of Fate

Mastermind Smolski Commented On It:

"Tsar" is the absolute best of and the highlight of my musical career. I had never had so much fun while producing a CD. Incredible teamwork - and one hundred per cent merciless. Push the pedal to the metal!"

Pre-order NB-exclusive editions here:

For all the members of Almanac, "Tsar" is a new, exciting, and very interesting chapter. Traditional power metal in conjunction with bombastic orchestra sound and world music with a modern sound all make Alamanc a compelling and absolute listening experience. The Belarus-born guitarist Smolski is joined by the Orquestra Barcelona Filharmonia.

Fans with an interest in deeper subjects including history and culture will also be able to dive into a new world with "Tsar", which combines historic and modern parallels that will surprise many. From the warlike nomadic horsemen in the steppes of Russia, to the Tsardom, Ivan the Terrible, warlike Cossacks who dominate the Tatar, the siege of Constantinople and the Mongol invasion are stories about battles, wars, intrigue, conquest, terror, power and love that can be heard vocally using the different styles of the singer's voices.

More On "Tsar":

Studio Trailer #1:

The band played recently at Winter Masters Of Rock in Zlin, Czech Republic. Watch a documentary about Almanac's trip here:

Almanac Are:

Andy B. Franck - Vocals
David Readman - Vocals
Jeannette Marchewka - Vocals
Victor Smolski - Guitars
Armin Alić – Bass & Fretless Bass
Michael Kolar - Drums
Enric Garcia – Keyboards & Piano

Nuclear Blast
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