ALICE IN CHAINS To Make 'Special Concert Announcement' Next Week

According toThe Pulse Of Radio, ALICE IN CHAINShas relaunched its official band web site and […]
By Steinmetal
April 6, 2011

According toThe Pulse Of Radio, ALICE IN CHAINShas relaunched its official band web site and says that a "special concert announcement" will be coming next Monday (April 11). There's no further word on what that might entail.ALICE IN CHAINShas mostly off the road since completing the touring cycle behind its 2009 comeback album,"Black Gives Way To Blue", late last year.

"Black Gives Way To Blue"was the first all-newALICE IN CHAINSalbum since 1995 and the first to feature singer/guitaristWilliam DuVall.DuValltoldThe Pulse Of Radiolast year that he expects the band to take a lot less time to make a follow-up. "You don't come this far and do all this work just to then stop for (laughs), for another 15 years or, you know, stop forever or whatever," he said. "We are on a path, and just as it was in the beginning, we still don't know where it's gonna lead. But we're digging what we're doing and we're very happy with the reception that we've gotten."

ALICE IN CHAINSbegan touring again in 2006 andDuVallofficially became a member of the band before recording began on"Black Gives Way To Blue".

Tuesday (April 5) was the ninth anniversary of the death of originalALICE IN CHAINSfrontmanLayne Staley, who died in 2002 after a long battle with drug addiction.

The band's founding bassist,Mike Starr, passed away last month at the age of 44.Starr, who was kicked out of the band in 1993 for drug problems and had been a recent cast member of"Celebrity Rehab", was found dead in a house in Salt LakeCity. The cause of death is still pending, althoughStarrhad been arrested a month prior for possession of a controlled substance.

Source: www.BlabberMouth.Net

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