ALASTIS: Exclusive Limited Edition Vinyls Finally Available !

ALASTIS formed in 1987 with the name Fourth Reich. In 1989 Fourth Reich changed their […]
June 5, 2020

ALASTIS formed in 1987 with the name Fourth Reich. In 1989 Fourth Reich changed their name to ALASTIS, a derivation of Alastor, the executioner of hell, and moved towards black metal. ALASTIS issued their debut album, 'The Just Law', on Head Not Found records. After several more line-up changes, they signed to Adipocere Records, who issued their second album, ...And Death Smiled, in 1995.

Much like their fellow countrymen Samael, gothic and industrial musical elements played an important role in their sound during their later career, starting as a raw black metal before signing to Century Media Records in 1996, who began distributing the group's output in the United States. produced by Waldemar Sorychta, 'The Other Side' was released in 1997 and promoted with a gig at the Wacken Open Air heavy metal festival in Germany. The band released their fourth album 'Revenge' in 1998.

Their last album was the 10-track opus 'Unity' released in 2001 on Century Media Records. After that, they built a home studio, which was initially supposed to be used for the recording of the 6th album, for which several songs had already been written. The album was unfortunately never recorded and the band split up in 2004.

Gathering an excellent response worldwide from fans and the medias , ALASTIS ' Century Media catalog has never been released on vinyl bar 'the Other Side' which has now sold out long ago and reach ridiculous prices online !.

Grab those Rare New Limited Edition Vinyl before they disappear again in the underground of legendary black metal records !.

Available 3/07/2020

Listenable Records
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