AKHENATEN: Offer Download "Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu" For Free Downloads

Manitou Springs, CO basedAkhetaten is a Middle Eastern black/ death metal project created in 2012 […]
January 12, 2016

Manitou Springs, CO basedAkhetaten is a Middle Eastern black/ death metal project created in 2012 by the Houseman brothers as a side hobby to their full time band Helleborus. With all music arranged by Jerred andvocals doneby his brother Wyatt, the duoare now are offeringfans a FREE download of their track 'Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu' from their recently released debut album 'Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla' via Satanath Records (Russia), Murdher Records (Italy)along withDarzamadicus Records (Macedonia).

'As a token of our appreciation regarding the positive feedback surrounding this release, we are offering you all a free download of Ninurta: The Fall Of Anzu. Soon we will have shirts available with the accompanying illustrations by Dymond Starr. The artwork is a visual reflection the track as it depicts Ninurta slaying Anzu.' comments vocalist Wyatt Houseman.

FREE DOWNLOAD - https://akhenatenmusic.bandcamp.com/track/ninurta-the-fall-of-anzu


Drawing on the diverse wisdom and sound of the ancient world, their debut album "Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla" was released on December 20, 2015 via Satanath Records (Russia), Murdher Records (Italy) plus Darzamadicus Records (Macedonia). The music expresses the Ancient Mesopotamian themes/ alien theories exploring the forgotten paths of history, extracting unknown lore and threads of truth.

"The album is a mural of epics from Egypt and Mesopotamia. It tells stories of belief, warfare, men and Gods." comments Jerred Houseman.

An epic soundscape of exotic, monstrous visions and elusive melodies that haunt like a half-remembered dream. Akhenaten's flourishing sound is rooted in blackened death metal, suffused with the exotic instrumentation and rhythmic structures of the ancient Near and Middle East. Sharing the exclusive characteristics of bands such as Al-Namrood, Narjahanam, Melechesh and Kartikeya, Akhenaten whispers to the most remote regions of primal memory.

Album Order here.

Track Listing of Album:

1. Incantations Through The Gates of Irkalla (4:07)
2. The Watchers (2:29)
3. Enlil: Lugal Kurk Ur Ra (3:06)
4. Ninurta: The Fall of Anzu (6:53)
5. The Passage Through Flames (6:23)
6. Brahma Astra (5:49)
7. Anunnaki (5:16)
8. Apkallu: Seven of the Abzu (4:15)
9. Mis Pi (3:44)
10. Golden Palace of the Lamassu (8:02)
11. Abu Simbel (2:28)
12. Anubis (Septicflesh Cover) (4:05)

Upcoming Shows:

June 3 - Denver, CO - 71Grind Fest - Event info here.

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