AGELESS SUMMONING: Debut Album "Corrupting The Entempled Plane"

Dark Descent Records has announced the debut album of UK's Death Metallers AGELESS SUMMONING! "Corrupting […]
May 31, 2023

Dark Descent Records has announced the debut album of UK's Death Metallers AGELESS SUMMONING!

"Corrupting The Entempled Plane" will be released on July 21st 2023 on LP, CD, tape and digitally.

A first track entitled "Epoch of Souls" is streaming at this location:

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"AGELESS SUMMONING was inspired by the otherworldly death metal of Steve Tucker era Morbid Angel and the discord of Immolation. We try to emulate the sludgy malevolence and desolate atmospheres of the likes of 'Gateways To Annihilation' and 'Here In After'", declares vocalist Ali Lauder. "We felt that the unique atmosphere and mythos conjured by that slower-paced, brutal, and hypnotic style were underappreciated and overlooked, and we didn't know of many bands doing things in that vein, so we thought we'd try it ourselves."

Whilst admiration of the US American masters is unquestionable, AGELESS SUMMONING display a jaw-dropping level of originality in their approach to the sub-genre.

Featuring members of such long-running U.K. acts as Of Spire & Throne, Haar, Úir, Scordatura, and Abyssal, the band has several combined decades of desecration under their belts. Wrapped in one of the most stunning and sinister Paolo Girardi artworks in recent memory, "Corrupting The Entempled Plane" is not to be missed.


01. Usurper of the Void

02. Descent from the Infinite

03. Epoch of Souls

04. Among the Worms

05. Corrupting the Entempled Plane

06. Incarnate Nothingness

07. Toward the Fractal Absolute

08. Retribution Eternal

09. Invocation

10. Salvation in Ash


Ali Lauder - Vocals

Gregg Cowell - Guitar

Rory Strachan - Guitar

Derek Wright - Bass

Hamish Mackintosh - Drums +++ +++ Dark Descent Records | Dark Descent Records Ninth Anniversary Sale through Sept 15th! +++ Dark Descent Records - Startseite | Facebook +++

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