AEONSGATE: Debut album announcement

AEONSGATE is a Doom project and it may become a cult. The first record called […]
August 22, 2014

AEONSGATE is a Doom project and it may become a cult.

The first record called "Pentalpha" is a one hour long song that tells a sad, romantic and very heavy -doomy story of someone's first minutes of death. It was recorded at Inception Studios in different parts of the world ( L.A. , Stockholm , Barcelona ...) and produced, mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson at SharkBite Studios ( Oakland , Ca). The release is set for October 24th, 2014 through Germany's THE CHURCH WITHIN RECORDS ( ).

AEONSGATE is the brainchild of Jondix (guitar player and founder of Great Coven, EIght Hands for Kali and Ätman-Acron). This time he is surrounded by amazing musicians. Mats Leven (Krux, Malmsteen, Therion, Candlemass,...) is the singer and his agonic and beautiful voice makes the song as sad and dark as you can get. Joseph Diaz is the mysterious bass player who played before with the likes of Graham Bonnet, Bobby Martin,...) And finally Marco Minneman (Kreator, Necrophagist, Steven Wilson,...) on drums playing in a trance inducing sabbathic progressive way strange in this musical genre. This doom opera song mixes 70's, neoclassical and oriental elements and will be remembered as 2014 Doom's ultimate epitome.

A lot of doom cliches and full of surprises, this record will change you forever...

You can check out a little excerpt at this location:

Cover-Artwork (created by Jondix):

The Church Within
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