ABACADABARA: Premier New Single "Forbidden Magic"

"Abracadabra's debut single "Forbidden Magic" attempts to lift the aggressive character of the Symphonic Metal […]
August 12, 2015

"Abracadabra's debut single "Forbidden Magic" attempts to lift the aggressive character of the Symphonic Metal elements we all love to the delicate heights of Baroque and Classical pieces, to take the listener on a journey that ends on the profound atmosphere of Celtic Music and Epic Themes ' showing a glimpse of the vast musical forms the band seeks to embrace"

The band was created on April 2015 in San Lorenzo, Paraguay (South America), where Aldo and Adrian Benegas (brothers) imagined a Symphonic Metal band that incorporates elements from the literary lore of many cultures of the world and even musical elements from different folk, rock and metal genres.

They chose to name the band "Abracadabra" because they see a deep connection between the meaning of that word ' which means "as I speak, I create", in other words, "I dictate how reality is going to be for me" ' and the way spirituality, philosophy and art developed in each culture of the world.

The "Forbidden Magic" single was recorded at BlindOwl Studio and Angels Cry Recording Studios by Aldo Benegas and Bernhard Nocker. The single and the bonus tracks were produced and mixed by Aldo Benegas at BlindOwl Studio and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios. The cover artwork is the work of Sammy Torres and the logo was created by Christophe Szpajdel.

"Forbidden Magic" Contains 3 Tracks:

1. "Forbidden Magic"
2. "Luna"
3. "Coming Home"

Besides the symphonic metal song that gives its name to the single, the song "Luna", composed in a classical/opera form, showcases the wide vocal range of the soprano singer Fátima Scalzo, interpreting this four-voice-piece that covers a range of four octaves. The 3rd and last track of the record features an instrumental piece with celtic music elements that submerge themselves into a film's core-like vibe, giving birth to the soundtrack of a conversation between an old dying man and a little girl...Abracadabra's art is about the light and darkness of many religions, ancient spiritual beliefs, schools of philosophy, legends and folklore of many cultures and the secret ways each of them seems to be connected to each other.

The band hope many will join them on their journey!

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