7 Metal Subgenres You Would Want To Know About

Music comes in many styles. From traditional rock music to pop, each style has different […]
May 18, 2020

Music comes in many styles. From traditional rock music to pop, each style has different sound levels, drum beats, and themes features. Most of the genres have soft, quiet, and mellow parts, but metal songs are the loudest. They are fast, aggressive, and they are characterized by emphatic rhythms, loud guitars, and roaring vocals.

Due to their loud nature, the metal genre singers equip themselves with the most booming guitars and drum kits. As mentioned in this guide https://samplified.us/blogs/news/free-trap-drum-kits, many types of free trap drum kits produce the best metal songs. The wide array of options makes it easier for the metal song lovers to choose the best for their needs, depending on the specific metal subgenre for the song.

But what subgenres are these? Here is a list of the most popular metal subgenres:

1. Christian Metal

Another name for Christian metal is white metal. The songs in this subgenre are all based on Christianity, hence the name. As such, the songs are sung and performed by Christians, who later distribute the songs through the various Christian song channels. This subgenre has been active since the early 1970s. It was started by two American bands known as the Petra and the Resurrection Band, and one Sweden band known as Jerusalem. Christian genre songs are distinguished by the message they pass and not their style.

2. Death Metal

This is an extreme metal subgenre. It uses the heaviest guitars, most profound vocals, and the loudest drum beats. Also, the songs are quite complex, and they have many tempo changes. The first death metal songs were introduced in the early 1980s. They increasingly became popular and gathered a lot of attention compared to the other types of metal genres. Up to date, the death metals are still popular among the people who like the loudest hits. The leading examples of death metal bands are Venom, Slayer, and Kreator.

3. Hair Metal

Hair metal songs are also known as the hairspray or the pop-metal songs. The songs in this metal sub-genre are quite melodic, and they have a significant mass appeal. The first hair metal songs were played in the 1980s. The artists dreaded in huge hairs and makeup, thus the name. In addition to the makeup, the artist wore flashy clothing as well as teased hair. The appearance was quite distinctive from the songs. Their success rates were quite high in the 1980s, although their popularity decreased significantly in the 1980s. The songs' fondness, however, is still present to date. The main types of hair metals are Warrant, Poison Ratt, and the White Lion.

4. Thrash Metal

Thrash metal songs are quite fast, and they are more aggressive compared to the other metal subgenres melodies. They also include fast drum beats and intense guitar riffs, which make the song's complex. The drummers use double bass to increase the velocity of the drumming. The thrash metal songs were initially introduced in the 1980s, and their airplay charts have remained high since then. The main thrash genre songs are Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth.

5. Progressive Metal

The progressive metal genre songs are a mixture of heavy metal and progressive rock. The genre is quite powerful, and the songs are complex. The songs have unusual time signatures that require skilled instrumentalists. Most of the songs are usually melodic. The lyrics can either be spiritual or philosophical. The primary examples of the progressive metal genres bands are Fates Warning, Great Theater, and the Evergrey.

6. Power Metal

Fast-paced vocals characterize power metal songs. Mostly, the vocals are accompanied by lead guitars and double bass drumming. The themes for the songs touch all the life aspects, although most are based on fantasy. The power metal songs derive powerful emotions, hence the name. This genre was introduced in the 1980s, and the common examples of these bands are the Sabaton, Hammer Fall, And Blind Guardian.

7. Grindcore Metal

The grindcore subgenre is a mixture of the death metal and the thrash metal. It also has a few features of the hardcore and the crust punks. Blast beats characterize songs in the grindcore metal sub-genre. Unlike most metal songs, the grindcore metal songs are usually short, mostly focusing on violence. The most notable grindcore band is Napalm Death.

Heavy metal songs are increasingly becoming popular. Also, they are still evolving and getting better by the day. Currently, there are hundreds of metal subgenre songs, although the above are the common ones. They all have complex structures and melodies, and you can rely on them whenever you need loud music.

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