Wade Black

Seven Witches / Sector 9

Wade Black, Crimson Glory's former singer, tell us his latest news about both of his bands: Seven Witches and Sector 9. Read here what The War Machine told us...
By Makis Kirkos
October 18, 2001
Wade Black (Seven Witches / Sector 9) interview
I know it's typical but I have to ask you...Why did you leave Crimson Glory?

When I first got the in with CG, it was beyond anything I could have imagined. Getting the chance to work with Jon and Jeff, it was like going to Music College for 3 years. But after a while of me giving the respect I gave and not receiving back, it was going to work bad, so on blah blah blah. I always stepped up and did everything that was ever asked of me - period! It was a hard choice for me to leave a band such as CG but it was just an unhealthy environment.

I see. Seems to me that with your scuttle, the band broke up. Which was your part besides being the singer and front man?

I shared nothing with the bandmates about what were the plans for the band. I just went out and served up the goods!!

Ok, lets talk now about your new bands SECTOR 9 and Seven Witches or should I say projects?

Sector 9 was the band with Ben from CG. But now Ben went solo so I wish him best of luck. And I move on with a new line up, with Emo Mowery (currently bass - vocals of the metal gods Nocturnus), myself and local Tampa shredder Mark Renaldi. The other members are being confirmed as we speak Border line fucking mayhem is predicted extremely Heavy, I mean real heavy!!!

Why did you decide to keep running Sector 9? I mean Ben (who was a former member too), Jesse and Chris they all left the band. Do you have the strength to continue?

Seven Witches is the band that myself and current inductee into the Savatage hall of fame, Jack Frost of Sanctuary Records, we have together. We start recording in 3 and a half weeks with Joey Vera and Jon Oliva in New York. I've been crazy busy pulling everything together writing songs and practising for the album. The album is called Exiled To Infinity Plus One and will be out on February 2002.

Now about your Sector 9 plans. Do you have an album release scheduled soon? Have you recorded anything under the name Sector 9?

There will be an album from Sector 9 in 2002, you can bet on it!

All right, I cannot wait. Which are your influences concerning the songwriting and the lyrics? Can you tell us few words about each one of the songs?

A lot of my lyrics are from my personal experience, you know, what is going on with life and also on politics and whatever else you like. It's music, it is not rocket science! Write about what makes you happy!!

Haha, that's true. Ok, besides Sector 9 you also run Seven Witches. Is this another project (strange name, why seven? )? Or is it a full time band for you?

It's a full time band, not a project. Wait for Exiled to Infinity Plus One on February 2002.

In that case, please introduce the band to our readers...

Witches lineup is: Wade Black - Vocals, Jack Frost - Guitar, Bill Mez - Bass and touring members are TBA.

Ok, but what about the musical styles? Is it the same in Sector 9 and Seven Witches? If not, which are the differences?

Both bands are Heavy in a different way. All depends on how you approach arrangement and style of vocals.

So, let's assume Sector 9 and Seven Witches release a record each. Is it possible to see you on the road together? Like duet tour?

No, you will never see both of the bands SW and S9 together.

Do you have any touring plans at this moment?

I have heard a bunch of different plans so I really can't say. But to answer your question, yes there will be a tour of some sort.

Do you think that you are more experienced now, relative to your kind of music? Can you put a label on your music?

Yes, I do think that I have achieved a level of confidence that I use to my advantage from being in CG. And just getting out there and doing it, that's the experience that makes you better.

How can you describe the sound of Sector 9, as well as that of Seven Witches?

My style of music is very heavy and aggressive, but melodic too.

Ok, let me ask you some general questions... How you describe your self as a singer and as a personality?

First of all you have to be a great singer in all respects. And have a certain level of confidence in yourself. The rest is nurtured out naturally. As for personality, be yourself and do your best!! The people that are holding you down are only the people that want to see you fail, or are jealous.

Do you believe in god or in something powerful that controls our destiny?

I do believe that there is something out there greater than man. I would not call it God. As for controlling our destiny, it is in your own hands to be good or bad right?

That is correct. If you were not a musician, what else do you think that you would do?

I like baseball and motorcycle racing. Maybe I could do something like this.

What's your opinion about the future of metal scene in Europe (you are German - French, right?) and in the world in general?

I love the fact that metal is finally getting the recognition that it deserves, from Sabbath to Priest to the heavy shit going on right now. That stuff runs in my veins!!! You are correct I am German / French.

If you could jam with any musician, dead or alive, whom would you choose?

Jim Morrison because I think we could have written some good songs together, and what a freak case! Ditto - the drugs Ha Ha Ha!! I would have also liked to jam with Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. Man, that cat knew how to put it together!!

Well, I think that's all... Please if you want to add something (maybe something I forgot to ask you or any news) about both of your bands, do it now...

I just want to say thank you for all your support, you bunch of metal fuckin maniacs!!!! Look for Seven Witches early 2002 and watch for Sector 9 album out May 2002!!!!!!

Thanks a lot for this interview Wade, take care!
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