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Leash Law

Wade Black, former Crimson Glory singer, formed a superband, called Leash Law which among other awesome musicians, includes drum-ace Richard Christy! This isn't Wade's first Interview with Metal - Temple and we sure hope to Interview him again...and again...and again. Read what this extremely warm and friendly Heavy Metal frontman had to say to Makis via e-mail. Read about Leash Law, Black Lotus Records, his other band(Tiwanaku), the past, the future...everything!
By Makis Kirkos
May 12, 2004
Wade Black (Leash Law) interview
First of all I would like to congrats you for your debut album... it's a dynamite. So, let's start. You seem like an all star band. I mean you guys are a mix of Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, Iced Earth, Rob Rock and Tiwanaku. How did you all come together?

Thank you very much for the compliments! It has been a long trip for all , but I would not change a thing! (we love it!!) Ok, now to the interview. Rick and I met when we were doing a show together in Seminole at a local club. We were both very impressed w/ each other's performance and Rick asked me to sing on his solo record Until The Bitter End w/ Rob Rock then we started sending each other stuff.

He would send me music, I would sing ideas for vocals over the phone at first to him and he would turn, put music to them, it was cool!! After that Emo and I met looking for other people to put a band together. He was by far the best that I had found in a while so we started throwing ideas back and forth. The rest is history. After that Steven Elder (Rob Rock touring bass player) joined shortly after, bringing with him much energy to the band. Finally the backbone, the most humble / all around greatest drummer I have seen! It was Rick's idea and Richard Christy was into it so we cleared a spot on the round table (this guy is a monster behind the kit!!) and you have Leash Law.

Dogface is your debut album. A combination of US Heavy Metal with the European Power Metal. Had you already decided your musical direction? Or it's just something that came out after rehearsing and composing the songs?

We have done the same style of music for a long time now. We love heavy music and we have been back and forth to Europe countless times, so we picked up that Euro vibe to our writing. It is a killer combo!!

I detect a theme discerned throughout the album and that is mankind's obsession with war... Tell us something about this concept.

All through time we fight. I think it is programmed into our brains to create war. Even monkeys gather at a particular spot to battle to death, for what ? Land? Mates? To rule ? Power? Now we are onto something...think about it.

Your compositions mainly focuse on how governments and politics guide us to our evanescence... Are you guys politicized?

We have views on certain things but we are not politically motivated. We write about what we see in everyday life and points in TV/newspapers etc...

What's the story behind Better When Betrayed? I understand you are kind of waxy with the music business...

What you do not take care of yourself in this biz, will haunt you! Always if you are signing a piece of paper w/ your name make damn sure you see a good lawyer, because people will screw you any way they can! (you know who you are!)

Who writes the songs and the lyrics? Do you all contribute to the compositions?

Lyrics / melody lines for the most part on this record were mine (the next record will be more balanced as far as who does what), Emo, Rick, and Richard (Paving) contribute some lyrics (Emo and I wrote Title track Dogface) and Rick and Emo are great producers(throwing the flavor!). It is all good !! Music was created by the whole band.

I have to mention the smashing front artwork. Whose idea was it and who is responsible for that painting?

This is all Seth Design!!! http://www.seth-design.com for more info. This guy is a real sicko and has a demented way of doing his art. It is creepy yet telling a detailed storyline to the record! Good form Seth!! We love it!!!

Concerning the production you use a certain SSL 4000 mixing board. What are the differences with all the other mixing boards out there?

The SSL console we used has many channels and accessories, as were needed because we had outrageous amounts of tracks to mix, giving us a wider spectrum to work with. You get what you pay for! SSL Rules!!!

Can you tell us about your cooperation with the Greek Black Lotus Records? I guess you are their first priority, but how did you manage to get in contact with them?

I can not say enough about this Outlaw record Co . They are great ! True music visionaries! We got in touch through a mutual friend of ours, Demetrius, that writes for Greek mag / webmaster Metal Invader. He calls me and says the label wants to work a deal. I was like cool let's get it done! 4 months later we had a multi record deal signed (did I say BLR rules!!) by the way!

Do you have any plans in order to promote your debut album? Any videos... perhaps a tour...

We will be touring for this record, no doubt! As far as a video...something live maybe?

By the way, given the opportunity, would you change anything on the album?

No, I like it just fine.

A lot of people (even metalheads) believe Metal is fading away as a genre and others believe that it's just transforming into something different. On the other hand, there are those who believe Metal will never die (as we know it for 20 years already). Where do you stand as a person?

Metal Is Law and it will go nowhere but louder and louder! The fans will not give up on what they love!! Period!!

Other than being a musician, do you have a job?

I own my own biz fixing classic cars to sell.

I browsed through your site and I think that it is good. Your comments on the Internet and especially file sharing? I mean it is bad for business but is there another scope to it?

File sharing is bad for sales no doubt, but I think people will buy records because they want the lyrics/artwork /why you buy records the contents.

How do you look back on your previous cooperates?

It is all part of the game, the good w/ the bad, it all depends on how much you want to succeed!

Which is your biggest ambition?

World tour w/ both bands I am involved with at this time...Leash Law and Tiwanaku is the other monster!

And to round off the interview, any final words to the fans or readers in general?

Thank you to everyone and especially the fans for making it possible for me to live my metal dreams! I see the crazed look in your eyes when we meet that I will never forget! Thanks for your good metal ears!! See you on tour!! Cheers and thanks Metal - Temple, for your time!!

Thanks a lot for your time; I hope we have the opportunity for a more detailed interview. Good luck with your debut CD.
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