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The truth is right there in the face. We are a changed society that doesn't really notice that it has become endangered, from itself. Someone has to be stay guard, be on alert, let the people know that they are making a mistake, taking wrong turns, and ruining their lives over self-pity. The could considered supergroup, Infidel Reich rose on the idea that there has to be a balance within society and banish extremism, for our sake. Steinmetal had a good talk with Vincent Crowley, about the philosophy that has been leading the band, Death Metal in its primitive form, concepts and more…
November 12, 2019
Infidel Reich's Vincent Crowley: "It seems like nowadays if you don't play by the rules of the Snowflakes you are labeled as Nazis. So of course we decided to use a name that would trigger the likes of all these crybabies" interview
Hello Vincent, how have you been sir? It is a pleasure having you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine.

I'm doing very well. Keeping very busy. Thanks for having me within your magazine.

I guess that you wanted more out of yourself, though you have Acheron running for quite a long time, and you gathered forces with Asphyx members to form Infidel Reich. I'd tell you that sir, if you wished to come as provocative, I think you are one of the leading candidates for that, and I am not saying this for the negative. Several questions have been raised with just the band name. What is the source of this collaboration, this cross continental alliance of old school Death Metal veterans?

Well, controversy is my middle name. (Ha, Ha) And INFIDEL REICH was created to indeed make people think and not let people judge a book by its cover. Our drummer Bob Bagchus and myself have been wanting to work with each other for years and finally we got a chance to do so. We both are fans of the original underground scene that stared it all. Bands like MOTORHEAD, VENOM, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, CARNIVORE, S.O.D. and DISCHARGE have always been favorites of ours. We wanted to do a band the was raw, primal with both the spirit of the classic bands with our flavor of Old School Death Metal and a Punk attitude. Plus, both Bob and I were sick and tired of all the politically correct elements that has invaded the Metal scene. It seems like nowadays if you don't play by the rules of the Snowflakes you are labeled as Nazis. So of course we decided to use a name that would trigger the likes of all these crybabies. If the name INFIDEL REICH was used in the 80's or 90's no one would give a shit. INFIDEL is one who will not submit to a religion and REICH just means "realm". We do not support any political, religious or racial bullshit of any kind. INFIDEL REICH is all about free speech and questioning all in authority.

As for the band name, talking about Infidel Reich, it feels to me that eventually we are bound to a forsaken future due to our alleged humanity. Do you believe that we are coming to the point where it would be too late for us to actually do anything, as we have been blind all along?

I think mankind is flawed and is fed lies from the media, government and religions. Unfortunately, humans tend to listen to what Big Brother tells them. But I do think there are still some people who look for the truth within the lies and want to get this planet back on track. There are individuals and groups that want to have mankind in conflict at all times to keep their kind in power and money. We don't all need to like one another, because that will never happen. But we need to be able to work together and battle the ones who want to keep us as their puppets and slaves. And that is why INFIDEL REICH has a voice.

How do you see fundamentalism and extremism nowadays, let's take the USA for example? Is religion only can be regarded as the basis of these waves of radicalism or there are other factors in play that are totems of worship?

Religion is only one of many issues here. I remember in the 80's when the Religious Right were completely insane. And they still have some seriously fucked up views in their god laws. But the Left has become even more insane then them these days. The problem is that both the Right and the Left have some valid points. The problem is that no one can find a middle ground. Balance is everything. And until these close minded idiots can see that we are pretty much fucked.

In general, do you think that by going against the status quo, actually drives people to make a new status quo of their own? Like a sort of founding a new order, for the purpose of forming a new kind of reality, which will eventually become fact.

That would indeed be great, but very hard to do. INFIDEL REICH supports individuality. We don't think everyone has to think the same. That would be boring. It is respecting the freedom one should have. You can't make people think like you. And you don't have to agree with everyone. But everyone should be able to think the way they want as long as they are not forcing their views on others. Mankind should be looking for a method that works and be more open minded. But also be realistic and not self-destructive.

Still going philosophical, and truth be told I am highly interested to know about your approach towards Artistic freedom of speech and how we are constantly manipulated by sources control by interest groups. "Reichenstein" is the title of your debut album, can be roughly translated as the Empire Of Stone. That is quite a concept, what can you tell about it?

Actually, "Reichenstein" is based on our mascot by the same name. It is a monster tank that metaphorically symbolizes our music. If you read the lyrics to the song "Reichenstein", it is a tongue-in-cheek tune about this machine that has been created to destroy the politically correct system and bring forth freedom to the world. I kind of based it off of the Frankestein idea. That is why my alter ego for the band is Dr. Reichenstein.

What I like about your approach towards your music, is that you don't really care about the trending, what is hot and what is not. You are playing an assorted kind of Death Metal, dating back to the primitive, yet golden years of the subgenre's transfusion into Metal's materiality. Is it about artistic honesty or plainly disdain towards the contemporary direction of extreme Metal in today's Metal scene? If there are other reasons please elaborate.

At this stage in our careers we just want to play music we enjoy playing. Stuff that we would have listened to when we were kids. Musically, the music we play is very selfish for ourselves. Fuck the trends or what sells! Our fans are people who just want to be punched in the face with good old school Metal.

"Reichenstein", other than displaying old school Death Metal free spirit, as mentioned, also incorporates elements of Punk, Traditional Metal, I would say stints of Hard Rock and remnicients of Thrash Metal. Heck, you might even call it diversity. What would you say were your influences while writing the material for the album? What old bands and inspirations ran through your mind as the riffs and beats came to be?

We all come from the Death Metal scene, so we like to call it "Working Class Death Metal". But you are correct to say we have many influences that make us more than just a Death Metal band. Anything we like is up for grabs. We try not to limit ourselves to be one dimensional. Besides the band I already mentioned, bands like HELLHAMMER, THE MISFITS, SODOM, TYPE O NEGATIVE, KREATOR, BLACK SABBATH, DRI, SEX PISTOLS, SLAYER, GWAR, MASSACRE, and many old school Death Metal bands. But one of our biggest influences is Lemmy! That is why we wrote the song "Reich & Fucking Roll (Ode to Lemmy)".

Talking about the diversity of the music, even in an old school form, which elements would you say were the main focus on "Reichenstein"?

For this album it was everything from Death Metal to Punk to Thrash to Rock & Roll to good old Heavy Metal. We really wanted to get the same vibe that early VENOM had. They had lots of other musical elements on their albums.

How would you describe the songwriting for "Reichenstein"? Did you guys meet in America or Europe to actually sit down and write together or was it over the internet? If it was through the internet, do you think that the magic of group songwriting is kind of lost in the process when being done via Skype for instance?

The guys wrote the music and would send it to me over the internet. I would then write the lyrics and maybe make a few changes to the arrangements to fit what I was writing. The process worked out great. In fact, we have lots of songs that we haven't used yet. It has been a pleasure working with everyone in the band. I have a great time being in this band and working with such great people.

One of the songs that caught my attention was "Killing Cultures", as it connected the immigration waves after the Syrian war, swarms of survivors throughout Europe, some of them also came to America to start over. What is your take on this song? Would we ever get along?

The whole point of that song is if someone comes to your country to live they should respect the country and laws they have entered. Many Muslims, not all, think they are owed something when they enter a new country and think that country should submit to their Sharia Laws and customs. That is bullshit! Many want to take over these places for themselves. That is an act of war in my opinion. For example, I wouldn't move to Saudi Arabia and expect to live the same way I do in the USA. For some reason people try to make Islam into a race, which it is not! Islam is just a parasitic religion just as Christianity has always been. And neither should be a part of anyone's government or laws.

Coming to a tougher one, which of the album's tracks made think a little deeper about what you are trying to accomplish? A track that you think is good slap in the face, a wakeup call for those that are too stubborn to listen

I'd have to save "Victims Inc" is the main message I'd like to get across. People have turned into whinny pussies that complain about everything. Everyone is offended by something. It is time for people to get there shit together and quit blaming others for their shitty lives. If life sucks, change it! Stand on your own two feet and do what needs to be done. Quit looking for handouts or sympathy from others.

Did you have a chance to play live with Infidel Reich? Will this be an active live band eventually or will it remain a sort of studio project?

Not yet. But we hope to play a few shows next year in 2020. We have a few festivals in Europe that are interested in having us play.

The all-star collaboration on "Hymn To Victory" is quite an event in Death Metal. How was this idea generated in the first place? Who raised the voice for these fine gentlemen to come over and give their whole for the recording?

I had the idea when I was writing the song and everyone loved the idea. Since we have so many friends in the scene it wasn't hard to get them to be a part of it. Lots of true legends on that songs and good friends of ours. The song is about how the underground started and many of those who were included on vocals were are part of creating this world we call Death Metal.

What are your plans forward for Infidel Reich? How do you see this band roll in the next five years or so?

Yes. We are actually going to start working on a new EP. We just added a 2nd guitarist named Nick Brockman who is working out great. I'm hoping to do INFIDEL REICH as long as possible. I think we can keep this going for many years to come. And we have no rules so we can write however we feel at the time. You won't get the same album every time, that is for sure.

Vincent, I wish to thank you for your time for this interview. Like I said, your approach towards music and the on goings in life, are quite interesting, and your album is like a soundtrack to that. Thank you sir.

Thank you for your time and support. Best of luck with your magazine. We hope everyone checks out the new INFIDEL REICH album and spreads the word. Hail the Reich...the INFIDEL REICH!

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