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For many years AMORPHIS has been one of Metal's most influential bands, stretching their music from extreme through Folk to Gothic Metal, they have been almost everywhere. Recently the band released their new album, "Circle", via Nuclear Blast Records. Angela "The Hunter" had the chance to talk with one of the band's founders and guitarists, Tomi Koivussari, for a talk about the new album, the band and future.
By Angela "The Hunter"
May 8, 2013
Tomi Koivussari (Amorphis) interview

First off, thank you so much for answering our questions! We truly appreciate the time you take to answer them. Now you gentlemen have a new album coming out named "Circle". Can you tell us about it?

Thanks to you, it's good to have interest from media when new album's going to be out . We started to think before recording this album that maybe we should change the process of making album this time, as last 4 albums we did at same studio with almost same crew all the time. We needed change, not only to have something new to our sound, but keeping ourselves inspired. So we wanted one same guy to record, produce and mix the album, someone who would be aware as us what's going on process and so on. Also we went to countryside all of us to record, mainly because we wanted peaceful place, that nobody is hurrying home or anything but staying at same place 24h for week or so. That's how we did our 4 very first albums back in the days. Recording all separated felt too clinic way to do it this time. Working with Peter Tägttren was great, we've known him for ages, he's cool guy and had great ideas and made great sound for the record. It also started to feel that we'll need anyway some kind of breakaway from methods we did last 4 albums. On "The Beginning…"story was about Väinämöinen, probably biggest character from Kalevala, so we figured out that is hard to top. Anyway some of the same stories has been circling around in our albums, so it felt cool to try something else. Story itself could be taken from Kalevala though, the atmosphere and style.

Is it a sort of a continuance of your early themes or this time it will be a totally new direction?

I think every album we've make in a past affects to albums after that, in a way or another. Sound is almost as heavy as it was on90's IMO, but every time we want to look forward, not backward, so to us it is same time continuing and new direction.

Do you feel that "Circle" is musically different from your last few releases?

It is hard to say if it is that much different or not, we are composing songs without any idea about direction it will be, production and things like that will finally tell how it sounds. I hear there are new elements. New songs at least!

Will there be an extensive tour supporting this release? Any chance of you coming to the United States?

I sure hope so. So far we are pretty much booked for this year, after summer-festivals in Europe we will tour at Australia, Japan, South-America, Europe, Russia… But hopefully early next year. It's been a while since we last time toured there.

Generally, out of Amorphis' discography, do you have a favorite album that you still listen to?

Lots of them! I mostly go back to my old favorites, rather than searching something new all the time. I still love to listen like Slayer's "South of Heaven" and "Reign in Blood", Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd albums… What comes to Amorphis albums, when we are on process of making one, I'm listening the tracks like 1000 times, but after release I'll never listening those again. Maybe sometimes just because of curiosity.

While on previous tours, what has been a highlight, or a memorable moment for you that was simply awesome?

Playing in new countries is always fun, as you don't really know what to expect. And you'll see new places of course. First U.S. Tour, first Japan tour… Big festivals like Dynamo back in 90's, Wacken… When something is happening for the first time you really get best kicks out of it, second time you are already used to it in some way.

Do you have a favorite venue, or concert hall you enjoy playing at?

There's lot of venues where we have been many times and always had great gigs and great audience. Also good hospitality from organizer, all those things you remember afterwards when going to same place again. First to my mind comes venues like Z7 (Switzerland), House of Blues (nearly all of them at US), Tavastia (Helsinki), shit there is so many nowadays. Also some great festivals like Wacken, Summer Breeze, Roskilde… We'll enjoy playing where ever if the crowd seems to enjoy our gig. That's when we remember why we are doing this still.

How has the band evolved to deal with the ever growing issue of illegal downloading of music for free?

We just have to, there is no choice. It makes bands to tour more, and always it is not just good thing. Also smaller bands than us have to start think their recording budget, and that might lead lower quality of records in the end. From band's point of view illegal downloading of course sucks big time. But we'll see if there will be any ways in future to handle these things. Lower price of albums perhaps as well.

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

When we started back in 1991, I'd laugh if somebody would tell me that you'll still exist after 22 years… So hard to say, maybe touring in some shit-holes with diapers on, hah. I hope and I believe we are still going on after 5 years.

Do you have any side projects you are working on, or is Amorphis your main focus?

Amorphis is my main focus yes, sometimes if we have some pause from Amorphis we do have some projects, it's nice to play with different people different kind of stuff, you'll get good inspiration from it. But we all are very busy with Amorphis, and that's how it should be.

Finally where can fans find all they would like to know about Amorphis?

Most likely it lays all here in internet, our official web-page among others. Listening to all of our albums helps as well, maybe watching our live DVD which includes good documentary as well.

Thank you for the interview! We at Metal Temple wish you nothing but the best on the journey ahead. Cheers!

Thank you Angela! I wish the best for you too, cheers!



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