Tom S Englund


After their gig in Athens on Friday the 19th at Sporting Arena, we had the chance to have Evergrey's mastermind Tom Englund pass our metal inquisition. Here's what we got...
By Fotis
May 22, 2002
Tom S Englund (Evergrey) interview

Hello Tom and thank you for this interview.

So since the memories from the Athens gig are still fresh, could you comment on it?

Well Greece has always been one of the best places in the world to play and I dont just say that we have played everywhere except south-america and greece is still the best by far so we cant wait to come back.

How did you actually team with Candlemass for this tour? I mean they play Doom and you Progressive metal... Was there a masterplan behind all this ?

we were asked to come there to play and since we knew candlemass we asked if they wanted to join us and of course they did since Greece has also for them been one of the main highlights of their career ,as you all could witness it was a major success.

What do you think of Greek fans, generally speaking?

Friendly and very open and that is something we apreciate very much when people come up to us and tell us what they think after the show thats why we are there.

Could you give us some info about your latest album? How did the concept about the alien abduction story came to you?

I read a book called communion by a author named Whitley Strieber. and the book affected me very deeply and therefor I decided to base the concept story on the basic feelings and fears of the caracter in the book .

You are a multiplexed band with seemingly, lots of influences, while the rhythm and power can not be confused with any other. You use a lot of instruments apart the typical ones for a metal band. How, if at all, did this changed your sound?

I dont know if did changed our sound. I mean that has been our sound from the start and therefor there is no change whatsoever just plain evergrey hehehe

Your voice is widely accepted as one of the best on the scene. Did this fact gave a certain schema in your music or the other way round?

No we never have any plans when it comes to our music today everything falls into place naturally and that my voice takes up a lot of space is only natural after me being the one writin the keyboardparts and the vocals

How did Evergrey came to life and what do you think of your course till now?

We started in 1995 by me and our now former guitar-player Dan Bronell. Up til now everything has gone straight upwards witrh more sales more tours and more fans for every album so we are happy with that but not satisfied of course...

What were your happiest and what your sadest times till now, throughout this course?

Well there are too many happy memories to mention I mean its a Joyride basically throughout the whole journey and sad times, well maybe when some of the members of the band have proven not to be the same persons they claim to be .

Your point of view on the internet? Do you think that it helps or hinders your efforts as a band?

definately helps, all the way end of story...

What is your opinion on the file-sharing story that came up these last 3 to 4 years?

I have no thoughts of it at all I mean it doesnt effect bands at our level at all yet only helps I mean when you are up on the level of Britney spears and Madonna I understand that they lose several hundreds of thousands of buyers but to us I dont give a shit, yet.

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How did you glued with the new members? Meaning, have you actually achieved the lyrical bond that any band could ask for?

Well its never safe to say but I feel that the line-up we have now feels steady as a rock and for once we all strive for the same goals and feelings and ideas.

In Perpetual Motion Awards 2001 you did went home with almost all the the awards? Could you comment on this? Did it gave you the acknowledgement that every band craves for?

Well we have actually always troughout all the albums been very popular in all award things when it comes to magazines and stuff like that but this is from the fans voting and is of course extremely flattering.

What are your plans for the future?

All of the festivals during the summer in Europe and in September we start to record our new album together with producer Neil Kernon

thanks Greece

and keep up the darkside,

' tom

Thank you very much for your time Tom, we sure hope all the best for you and the rest of the band.
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