Tom Angelripper

Onkel Tom

If the name SODOM means anything to you, then so will the name of their frontman, Tom Angelripper. In the mid-90's, he formed his own sideband, named ONKEL TOM, with the intention of creating Thrash Metal covers of German schlager songs; that has to be the coolest-sounding side-project we can think of. The last album released by the band, "H.E.L.D.", was the first to feature an entire tracklist of originals. Our Zakk Belkin sat down to have a quick chat with Tom about the band's history and their lyrical inspirations.
By Zakk Belkin
January 2, 2015
Tom Angelripper (Onkel Tom) interview
Hi Tom, thank you very much for participating in that interview. We are honoured to interview you.

Sure thing, It is my pleasure.

So, let's begin. What can you tell me about your band, Onkel Tom? Who are the members? How you got the name?

The members are Corny of the drums, Celli and Klaus on the guitars, and me on the vocals. The band was formed back in 1995, and the producer back in 1995 suggested us to use this name in the band.

What can you tell me about the band, which is different from your main band, Sodom?

The work as Sodom never changed through the years. We used to and we still make Thrash Metal, and however - As Onkel Tom we sing about life. We sing about beer. As Onkel Tom, we enjoy more to do private, intimate shows in smaller clubs to feel the fans.

What is the meaning in the band, Onkel Tom?

We made this band to sing about life and about the problems of it. The last album, "H.E.L.D." talks a lot about Alcohol. I have many friends that I lost over to the Alcohol, and while we sing happy songs about it, we also remember not to drink too much and we sing about it too.

Throughout your years in the music industry, What have changed, and do you like it?

Lately, there are a lot of bands out there. Too many bands to my taste, so you get lost when you try to hear new bands. A lot of people want to rock out there, and while it is a good thing, you sure to get confused out there. Also, once, you used to go buy CD's to listen to bands music and now you can find it all online. Sometimes, It's a good thing when you want to share with people around the world your music for free and in a fast manner, but sometimes it might be bad, because nobody will buy your music and promote you.

What is your best moment as a band as Onkel Tom?

Our first record deal we got, back in the 90's. It was a blast.

What can you tell me about your last album, "H.E.L.D."?

Well, first of all that is the first album to feature no cover tracks of any other bands. All of the album is fully written by the members of the band, and performed only by us. Also, this album is released on Steamhammer, and features 13 songs in a total length of 45:30 minutes.

Anything else you would like to add to the interview?

Thank you very much for supporting us and supporting metal, guys!

Thank you very much, Tom. Have a nice day!
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