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Past the Fall

PAST THE FALL recently released their latest album titled "From Insanity's Ruin." Metal Temple writer Sergio Andres recently caught up with Vocalist and Guitarist Thomas Cope, to talk a little bit about the new album.
By Sergio Andres
March 15, 2020
Thomas Cope (Past the Fall) interview
Is there any particular reason with the use of green and yellow colors on the artwork of the record? It doesn't look random and has some suitability with the emotions conveyed within the music; please elaborate.

The concept for the artwork came from Will (Will Wright- Vocals/bass) as a reaction to how the music made him feel in reflection to how he saw the world at the time. The final version was drawn by an artist called Costin Chioreanu in Romania he is a mega talented artist.

The acoustic intro of "Into The Ruins" evokes bands like FLAIRCK, was that type of mood the sound you were looking for to set the tone for the album?

For the acoustic intro I must say I really don`t know who the influence is. I just came up with an acoustic guitar part and naturally heard the cello part in my head along with the other orchestral elements. I started by recording the acoustic guitar then got session musicians to play the other parts that I mapped out to them. Big shout to Luke Moore for playing the cello here. (He also did the cello on seldom reason.) Not to sound SPINAL TAP (lol) but I guess I just like the sound of simple melodies intertwining. Then building up and falling down.

With all the different voices performed on "Drainer", what determines which vocal part is clean or a growl section?

There are two different vocalists on this track. Me and Will. Will does screams, I do cleans. How we decide which to use where we have no idea. We just put it where we feel is right. Usually that means clean choruses and screamy verse. BUT! There are exceptions. Some of the tracks (poison mirror for example) are in reverse with cleans verses and screamy choruses. And some of the tracks follow completely unconventional song structures without any defined verses or choruses at all. So I guess I don`t really have straight answer to that other than we just do what we think sounds/feels best. Cliche I know but is the only definitive conclusive answer I can think of.

"Epitaph" has at the 1.38 mark, a beautiful clean vocal passage, it almost sounds major, gives color and character to the song. How the band manages to compose those arrangements within the context of a brutal metal song?

I didn't really think about that until you mentioned it. But yes, thinking about the vocal notes and guitar chords, you are right it is in a major key. I guess this question has the same answer as the question before. We just put it there because we liked it and felt it worked. We normally don`t try to "work parts in" to a song. We just try out ideas and see if they work together or not.

Having those elements above mentioned in your sound demands a lot of work in the production, mix and mastering department, I mean, everything must sound in its due place. So, for this type of band, which part of the process is more attractive for yourself? The crafting, the recording, the editing?

The song writing straight up is my favorite part of the process by far up especially when collaborating with Will. As for the production. We try to do minimal editing as to maintain the feel of the band. As for the mix, although carefully balanced is actually very basic and relatively unprocessed. This was our first self-production and had to learn a lot. But in the end we are very happy we did it off our own back.

Please write your opinion about the following musicians, feel free to illustrate if they have influenced your work and in what measure

Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell. I am a huge ALICE IN CHAINS fan and I feel Layne has influenced the Grungy style vocals in PAST THE FALL. To me Layne is one of the greatest vocalist of all time. As for Jerry there is definitely some influence from him in the song writing side of things, but wouldn't say our riff and solo sections are very similar to his style. I am a huge RUSH fan and one of my favourite elements of that band is the drums. Our drummer is also a huge Neil Peart fan. Definitely some elements of him (and RUSH) in our music both from the drums and song writing. Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett. I am a huge GENESIS fan, they have song that have definitely inspired me. Though I cannot think of a particular part of our music I could directly relate to them. Chris de Garmo of QUEENSRYCHE; being a long time since I listened to them. So I can`t say there is much influence artistically but they are outstanding musicians never the less!

What's next for the band after unleashing such a great album, a more guitar-driven collection? An acoustic offering?

Thanks that's very nice of you . Our next step is to release a live album. Which will be the entirety of this album in track order played live in front of a crowd. Can't wait to do that.

Thanks for this interview!!! It's been a pleasure.
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