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I arrived at The New Daisy, the venue, and called them to let them know I was there. About the same time they answer the phone, I see this guy come walking out the door saying the exact thing I was hearing over the phone. I say, I think you just pasted me. He turned around and it was Jordan Gaw, the vocalist. After proper introduction, he took us inside where I met with their manager, Monster. After rounding up the band, we all got together backstage and here's what went down.
By Katrina Cannon
March 27, 2005
The Entire Band (Final Drive) interview
How's the tour going so far?

[All laugh]
Andy Becker: It's going.

Jordan Gaw: It definitely has its ups and downs.

Nathan Easter: I would call it a tour.

Jordan: It's got its good times and its bad times, but it's alright.

Have there been any really interesting or outstanding moments while on tour?

Nathan: There have been quite a few of them.

Jordan: I had a good time in California, it was nice, just being out there was cool.

Chelsea: Seattle was good.

All: Yeah.

Jordan: Yes, Seattle was very good.

Chris Nanney: [mumbling] ...when we went out to Arizona, that was good.

Jordan: Huh? Oh! Yeah, The Navajo Reservations. [To Chris] Maybe if you'd speak up a bit we could hear you. [All Laughs]

Chris: They had 3 hours to promote it, it was awesome, it was in this dude's house, in this spare room full of a pool table and shit, oops, stuff (gives the camera a funny look, all laughs)

Andy: We were the only white kids in the room, but they all loved us though, it was great.

Chelsea Muckerman: They actually had a little mosh pit going in this dude's pool room, it was pretty interesting.

What has been your favorite place to play so far?

Chris: The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA, that is a nice place to play. Jordan: Studio 7 in Seattle, that was really awesome, it's a cool place.

Nathan: Mountains are cool. [All Laughs] I'd like to set up at a rest top and play there. [All Pause]

For those out...

Chris: Hold on, we're thinking!

Ok, then, you tell me when you're ready. [All Laughs]

Jordan: See, he's getting loud now.

That's ok, I know how to deal with the Rock Star attitude.

All: Ooooh, [Laughs]

Chris: Fuck, now I can't think of anymore.

Jordan: Yeah, me neither.

Chris: I know there have been other cool places we've been though.

Jordan: Colorado springs was interesting.

When you say these places were cool, what happened there to make it interesting?

Chris: Atlanta was cool, but there wasn't anybody there.

Chelsea: Well like at Studio 7, the crowd was right up front, they were getting into the music, they had a good time. There were actually a couple of people singing along to the music and stuff like that. To me, I cant speak for anyone else, but it felt like we were home.
[All Pause]

Chris, are you ready? [All laughs]

Jordan: Yeah, sorry, we're boring.

No, this is actually one of the most fun and interesting interviews I've done yet.

Andy: Yeah, there's something wrong with her. [All Laughs]

Nathan: [In a weird accent] Oh jees!

Jordan: [Laughing] Oh yeah, In Fargo, Minnesota.

Chris: And in Boston too.

Jordan: I was just entertained by the accent, but Minnesota is a cool place too.

Nathan: I'm sure we have funny accents to them too.

For those out there who aren't familiar with your band, what is the history behind it, how did Final Drive come to be?

Nathan: Andy and I have been jamming together for about 10 years, we went to school...(and here's where Chris becomes Journalist for the Moment, lol)

Chris: Where did you go to school?

Nathan: Phoenix, Arizona

Chris: What did you go to school for?

Nathan: We're both Harley certified

Chris: What was the name of the school?

Nathan: MMI

Chris: What does that stand for?

Nathan: Motorcycle Mechanics Institute

Chris: Who else was there?

Nathan: Casey

Chris: And who was that?

Nathan: A bass player...yeah, that's where we met our old bass player Casey Louge, and then he got married and had to quit, and you know, we're together now

Where did the name, Final Drive, come from?

Nathan: Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, its actually a part of a motorcycle, the final drive.

Chris: It's the drive train of a motorcycle

Nathan: But there are several meanings behind it.

What, as a band, are you musical inspirations?

Nathan: Well, I happen to like Pantera quite a bit, Pantera's way up there on my list. Mozart.

Jordan: We all grew up listening to all kinds of different stuff, Guns-n-Roses

Chris: Deftones

Nathan: Alice In Chains

Chelsea: Tool

Nathan: Poison, White Zombie

Jordan: Nine Inch Nails. That was the first concert I ever went to.

Nathan: And Johnny Cash, we can't forget Johnny Cash.

How would you describe your music, what genre would you put it in?

Nathan: Its like a loud, blues type

Chris: Popping noises

Nathan: Cranked up guitar, screaming vocals

Andy: Its just heavy metal in our own way.

Nathan: Yeah, just mix it all up.

Jordan: But its metal, you know, I guess a form of it.

Nathan: What is a genre?

Chris: A genre is bullshit.

Nathan: You got hardcore, metalcore, screamcore, dickcore, all that shit.

Yeah, I agree with Chris, its definitely bullshit, but so many people have to know for some reason.

Jordan: They can just call us whatever core they want to call us.

Chelsea: They've called us all sorts of stuff,

Nathan: We're just core

Chelsea: I've heard hardcore southern rock.

Jordan: Wow! That's a crazy one.

Nathan: Who the fuck said that? [all laugh]

Chelsea: I don't remember, it was a long time ago.

Jordan, where does your inspiration come from for your lyrics?

Jordan: They just come from what we go through, what everyone goes through. We cant avoid it, so we just try to find a positive way out of it. Sometimes the aggravation controls a lot of things, and that sucks, so its kind of a vent from that, in a way.

Chelsea, you got thrown into bass playing by them needing a bass player and they called you and said here learn these 5 songs and come play the set, right?

Chelsea: Pretty much, yeah [laughs] I knew how to play guitar, so I had a leg up. But it was basically like learn these 3 songs so we could go to New York and do this thing, then came home and it was learn these 12 songs so we could go play this show. But it was fun, these guys are a lot of fun.

What was it like to be thrown into bass playing like that

Chelsea: It was a challenge, but I was up for it.

Chelsea: So tell me, what it was like to travel with Ozzfest, being able to be behind the scenes like that and meet the all the different people that you did?

Chelsea: When we were allowed to, it was fun. We stayed on the tour bus a lot. Basically we just stayed in our group and got to watch a lot, we didn't get to really talk to anybody a whole lot until the end. But it was a lot of fun though.

So was it scary when Zakk Wylde came out all pissed off at Ahmad?

Chelsea: I didn't feel bad for him at all. I really didn't give a shit, I was hoping he was going to beat his ass. But I thought it sucked cause it was the first time for me to meet Zakk, and he was coming out all pissed. I was a little let down.

What are the plans for Final Drive for after this tour?

Nathan: Tour

Chelsea: Tour

Jordan: Tour

[all laugh]

What about a European tour?

Chelsea: Yes. That would be awesome.

Jordan: We would love to go over there. If we could find a promoter or sponsor over there. Just any kind of sponsor that could get us over there. Since the show (Battle For Ozzfest), we've gotten tons of responses from Europe, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, and all kinds of areas checking out the band online. We'd love to go over there, its just finding someone to bring us.

Any last words?

Jordan: Just mention our web site.

Nathan: Sponsors would be great.

Jordan: Yes. Budweiser, Jack Daniels, Trojan, Sabian...

Chris: BP...

Jordan: Amoco, Shell, Quicktrip...

Chelsea: McDonalds.

Jordan: Taco Bell, any kind of energy drink...

Nathan: Peavy, Marshall, Gibson, ESP, any sponsor.

Jordan: And thanks to all those out there who support us, we wouldn't be where we are without you.

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