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THULCANDRA are a Blackened Death Metal band from Munich, Germany; proud of their strong DISSECTION and EUCHARIST influence; something that can be heard in their music. Having just released their latest album "Ascension Lost", met with strong critical acclaim, the band can enjoy a successful year ahead of them. Chelsea spoke with Steffen Kummerer about the new album, their success since their debut and current/future plans.
By Chelsea Jennings
June 2, 2015
Steffen Kummerer (Thulcandra) interview
The latest album "Ascension Lost" has received a lot of positive reviews over the past several months. Has the support for "Ascension Lost" met or exceeded your expectations?

"Ascension Lost" received a lot of good reviews and earned a warm welcome within the metal scene. The broad part of the journalists sees the band stronger than before and walking down the road of our own style not neglecting were we come from. The recording came together smoothly and is our strongest and mature effort up to this date. The band receives more offers for live shows these days which is an indicator that shows a good resonance aside from the reviews and interviews.

Thulcandra released their debut album in 2010 How have the last five years seen the band's fan-base grow? Has fan-base growth met or exceeded the band's expectations?

Fortunately we have a loyal and strong fanbase around the world that waited eagerly for the new album. Prior to the release date of "Ascension Lost" we offered pre orders for some limited vinyl editions, first to our fans then to the public. One day after the official release all editions have been sold out. I am proud for that and thankful at the same time. We rarely play shows and perform live, but the demand grows every day and the number of offers do so as well. We don't have too big expectations, in every way the resonance exceeded all of them.

You have been touring Europe in support of "Ascension Lost". What has been the best moment on tour for "Ascension Lost" thus far?

We haven't toured supporting "Ascension Lost", yet. We performed a few exclusive shows in Germany, such as Ragnarök Festival, but we are looking for the right tour at the right time to present the songs to a broad audience.

Many of Thulcandra's songs have dark titles. On "Ascension Lost" titles such as "Deliverance In Sin & Death" or "Demigod Imprisoned". The sound is similar to those from the black metal and death metal sounds from Sweden in the 1990s? Is that what the members of the band grew up listening to? Did this influence your band as you found your own sound?

The whole idea of Thulcandra is based on paying tribute to the scene of the early 90s. We grew up with bands such as Eucharist, Sacramentum, Unanimated, Dissection and many others. No one plays this kind of music these days anymore. Within the first two albums we developed the sound you find on "Ascension Lost", blackened death metal with twin guitars, memorable hooks and stringend arrangements.

What is your favorite song off of Thulcandra's latest album "Ascension Star" and why?

"Demigod Imprisioned" is my favorite on this record. This song is the darkest piece of music I ever wrote and perhaps the most aggressive tune we ever recorded.

What are the upcoming plans for Thulcandra for the rest of 2015?

We are looking forward to play a few more live shows and looking out for a major tour, supporting the new album.

Are there plans for Thulcandra to record any new music anytime soon? If so what direction is that music headed in?

I guess we have the opportunity to write almost every day, but do not have to feel any kind of pressure finishing a new album too soon. With Erebor on drums the direction of the material might be a bit faster, straight forward but the release of "Ascension Lost" is just a few months ago, so it is too early to say.

What is the one thing fans may not know about Thulcandra that they may be interested to know.

The first two records will be re-issued on vinyl pretty soon. Thanks to the massive support of our fanbase we are able to make this happen. Watch out & see you on a festival!

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