Secret Chapter

Secret Chapter

In the late days of 2017, they decided to gather this crazy collection of good friends and musicians who all share the same passion for powerful music. After years in various bands and projects they finally had the time and effort to work and create a band together. They decided to call this band SECRET CHAPTER! As last year went by a lot of hours were spent to rewrite, record, produce and finalize old songs that was mostly written but has now brand new and exiting clothes. They decided to name our first album "Chapter One." Working together with Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) at Sonic Train Studios who did an amazing job producing, mixing and mastering, they couldn't be more happy with the end result. Metal Temple writer JoJo Hamilton recently caught up with the band.
By JoJo Hamilton
October 27, 2019
Secret Chapter interview
Hi, Thank for performing this interview for Metal Temple Magazine!

"Always believe in yourself and stay safe! Rock on!!"

Your debut album Chapter One was released on 18th October 2019, how does it feel now the albums been released?

SC: It´s very exciting and busy days to be honest, but we have always time to do an interview with Metal Temple Magazine! We didn't rush anything doing this album as we also do other projects and bands, but we are absolutely happy with the end result and the way it turned out! The collaboration with Andy La Rocque as co producer was great and he did a really good job mixing and mastering for us! So yes, we are happy, proud and excited these days to show our music to the world!

What or who inspired you to write the lyrics for the song One Night Ain't Enough?

SC: Hehe the lyrics is actually based on a love story between the drummer Ronny and his wife Elin! They met on a rock concert and fell in love at first sight! So there you have it, one night weren't enough for them!

You did a lot of work on the album Chapter One with Andy LaRocque, will the band continue to work with him on future albums & why did you choose him to be co-producer of the album?

SC: Andy is a great well-known international musician as well as a great producer and all over a great guy! He is also a friend of ours, so the choice was really easy when we were deciding who's going to do the mix and master on the album! As mentioned earlier we are really happy with the end result and the way the album sounds so we are looking forward to work with Andy once again in the future!

What has been you're favourite part of the making of the album Chapter One?

Just good friends working and spending a lot of hours together and assemble old material and then present it in brand new and exciting clothes!

Heavy Metal Love Affair is my personal favourite song from the album, what's been yours and why?

SC: So cool to hear that! This is actually a gathering of all the classic clichés we could put together in one song and we did it as good as possible at the time he he.

How long were you guys in the studio during the recording of Chapter One?

SC: 2017-2019 approximately!

The album Chapter One is quite a thought provoking album, What is the general theme you had in mind when writing the album?

SC: The album contains 10 songs and they all have their own identity and were written as we felt at the time they were created! That is also one of the reasons why we called the album "Chapter One"!

Sin City sounds like a party hard type of song, do you have the "work hard, play hard" attitude?

SC: "Sin City" is absolutely a tribute to the hard rock music and party culture of Sunset Strip in the great 80´s yes!

The album Chapter One is a deep & emotional album, who wrote the powerful lyrics for the songs?

SC: We all contribute on every aspect of the music, but as a vocalist I worked a lot with Stian and we had a great time working together on the lyrics for this album. We worked fast but carefully and wrote a lot of the lyrics based on emotions and how we felt it that day!

Who designed the album cover for Chapter One and will they design future album covers?

SC: On "Chapter one" we worked with the great Mattias Norén! We had a great collaboration and we are really happy about the end result and he is all over a great guy! We are looking forward to work with him again in the future!

Thank you to Secret Chapter for taking the time to perform this interview for Metal Temple Magazine, a great debut album, well done guys & best wishes for the future.
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