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I think that every artist has to decide what should happen with his material. For […]
By Manolis Moundrianakis
November 6, 2001
Philipp Hanfland (Burden Of Grief) interview
My first question is a common question we do on every interview. What is your opinion about mp3 files? Do you consider the damage they do to the artists important?

I think that every artist has to decide what should happen with his material. For more unknown bands it is surely a very good way to spread and to promote their music in the internet. But if a band like metallica doesn't want to distribute their music for free, it should be their good right. To conclude it: mp3-files are a very good invention but every artist should decide wether he will use it or not !!!

Could you give us a brief history of the band? For how long have you been together?

The band exist for 7 years now. In the past we have released a demo-tape and two demo-MCD's. Both MCD's we have re-released last year on the “Haunting Requiems” album on Grind Syndicate Media (a sub-label of Nuclear Blast records). We played a lot of gigs here in Germany, also some bigger festival-shows. At the end of the last year we have begun to start writing of the new material. We have recorded it in the Stage One Studio with Andy Classen (he's one of the most famous producer in Germany) and released it on Massacre Records.

What are your influences musically speaking as an individual and as a band?

It's a normal thing that every member of the band has it's own influences. For me I can say that I try to combine the brutality of death metal with the melodic way of bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica. I'm responsible for these parts in our music. Our drummer for example likes to bring a lot of rhytm in our music, our former drummer had a much more straighter style...

Now lets talk about your album “On Darker Trails”. How did you come up with such a title? Is there lets say, a deeper meaning in it?

No, there isn't a deeper meaning in it. The title should be very simple and should conclude the mood of our lyrics in general. The main thoughts of the lyrics deal with the meaning of life, which end unfortunately mostly “dark”.

The artwork is amazing ! Could you give us a brief description of what is happening in this “chaos”?

Also the cover-artwork should contain several “dark” elements, concerning to the lyrics, but with no direct connection. Only the female demon as an eyecatcher was intented...

Who was the artist?

It was done by the swedish artist Carlos Holmbeg. He's also the keyboarder of Soilwork and has designed the last Soilwork cover as well. I like his kind of computer-drawings very much.

It's been a while since I've heard such good music from a band. You seem to have a heavy feeling with really loud outbursts was that something that just happened?

We always did our very best to sound very powerful and heavy. Nevertheless I think that it is also something that just happens. That's just our way to play music. If we play coversongs you can hear very clear what is the very special in our kind of playing metal. You just have to compare it with the original songs...

Could you comment on your sixth song “Stigmata” which is kind of industrial? This is kind of unusual in a band like yours.

We don't look after what is usual or unusual for our music. We just did what we wanted to do. Our bass player is very into electronic music and it's his other musical passion beside Burden Of Grief. We told him that he should write a very cool and interesting instrumental song for the album. So he came along with the intro and the song “Stigmata”. You should see it just as an experiment.

Do you approve of experimentation in music ? Adding electronic sounds and samples that is. For example what The Kovenant did with “Animatronic”.

We like to experiment with some samples in our music, but it will always be melodic death metal. I think if anyone in the band has too exceptional musical passions, he should leave it out in side-projects. Our bass-player writes a lot of electronic music in his free-time, but not for Burden Of Grief.

Do you have any touring plans in order to promote “On Darker Trails” or any other promoting plans as all? A video-clip maybe ?

Up to now we did a lot of interviews and played a lot of weekend gigs. But before we go on tour we have to wait for the reactions. We are a very small band for Massacre records and before they pay a tour-support for us we have to sell some albums. That's business..

Finally a message to all these people who will visit our site and read this interview.

I hope you get the opportunity the listen to our album and hopefully you'll like it. Visit our homepage at for further informations about us... Cheerz !!!

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