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After being on tour for most of 2013, Paul Di'Anno and the guys have finally taken a break from touring just in time to start promoting the new box set for the old KILLERS, prepping for recording a new album, and then getting back on the road. There just really isn't any rest for the wicked...
By Angela "The Hunter"
December 30, 2013
Interview - Paul Di'Anno (Killers) interview
Let's go back to the very beginning of your music career. When did you know for certain music was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

Oh wow (laughs) um I would say maybe, like 11? I've always liked music but yeah I think it was when I was 11 or 12.

What bands where you listening to back then?

Same thing I listen to now… You know, Punk, Thrash, bands like The Clash, the Ramones, Addicts, shit like that. Still listening to it!

You've done a lot in the music industry since your departure from Maiden. Out of all of bands you formed, which one did you enjoy your time with the most?

So far it's been Killers, which was really Battlezone with a few different players. We have had the most commercial success with Killers, especially our second album. It did really well here in the states too, but really we should have focused more on our own country. But yeah Killers by far has been the best band yet.

You've had quite a busy touring year. Any dates for US shows in 2014?

Well we'd like to if it wasn't for the fucking US Government! Because I got in trouble 20 years ago in the states the Government gives me hell anytime I want to come back. Which is rough because my wife and my kids are there, you know? The Government really ruins it for us, they really do. We love the fans and love doing shows, but it's almost impossible. Sorry I don't mean anything bad by saying that (laughs) but you it's fucked up.

No I get it. You're not the first, and certainly won't be the last, band that I have spoken to whose work visas didn't get approved over stupid shit.

Yeah Sepultura was denied coming to the states. Which is crazy! They've never done anything wrong. Bunch of nice guys that just want to play. Fucking unreal. I tried sending my kids some fluffy stuffed toys last year and they were sent back for some terrorist reason. It's like come on.

Where would you say your biggest fan base is?

Oh man South America! Especially Brazil! Those people are just mad fans and it's fucking incredible! They just love us down there! When we tour there I can't even go out or get groceries, you know, because the people just won't leave me alone (laughs) All of our fans are amazing wherever they are, but Brazilian fans are just really insane for us.

How about plans for a new album?

Well we have the box set for Killers being released December 3rd I think, and the record company is just mad about it which is cool. We are just starting to write new stuff for another album and once the box set is released, we'll go ahead and start writing more. Hopefully by the end of 2014/beginning of 2015 we'll have a new album ready. And then it's back on tour(laughs) my wife won't too happy but you got to get out there.

Tell us about your book, The Beast.

Oh that was written by someone 10 maybe 12 years ago and I am not proud of it. There was a lot of stuff I did back then that I regret, especially the way I acted towards women, and I just really don't even like to talk about it..

Hey no worries, I'll leave it out of the interview.

No that's ok it was just a really bad time in my life where I had no respect for anyone, not even myself. You know, you don't really understand love until you meet that one person that you would take a bullet for in a moment. I have met that person, my wife is my best mate, my soul mate... I've done a lot of things I am not proud of, and when I hear about violence against women it just makes me sick to my stomach! Just tears me up. All I can say is that I am a changed man, you know? I just really have a soft heart for women now.

And us women thank you for that!


Any side projects you'd like to mention?

Not really, Killers has all of my focus. Maybe when things slow down and I all of the stuff that is buzzing around in my head that I need to get done quiets down, but for now it's all about Killers.

Thank you so much for the interview Paul! We at Metal Temple wish you nothing but success on the road ahead.

Thanks for your patience! Sorry I'm fumbling a bit, the record company has had me doing these phoners all day and I am just tired as hell. We have just gotten back from touring in Russia, and for the 2 maybe 3 weeks we were there I got like, 28 hours of sleep. Today I've had a cup of coffee and a sandwich and that's it, and I still have another interview for the states at 11:00 pm.

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