Ozge Nemutlu

Against Decay

Music in Turkey is a new frontier for this writer, David Garlow, but as the band AGAINST DECAY showed, Rock is alive and well there. Being that I am in New York, this is an area that I rarely get to hear rock music from, so it was a treat to listen to this band rocking hard in Ankara. So with that said, I had a chance to interview Özge Nemutlu, lead vocals, so you guys will have the chance to get to know a little more about AGAINST DECAY
By David "Capt. Fury" Garlow
April 14, 2014
Interview - Ozge Nemutlu (Against Decay) interview

How hard is it to get a Rock band going in Turkey?

Actually there are a lot of rock bands in Turkey, but most of them are playing at local pubs and have the local audience. Sometimes they tour a few big cities in Turkey like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Eskisehir but usually they don't get a chance to make an album, only a few bands do that and when they do, the record companies in here want them to sound like more pop and less rock. So unfortunately if you wanna be famous here (In Turkey), you have to write the lyrics in Turkish and sound the way they want you to be which we don't choose to do.

What is 'the scene' like there?

We have some really serious rock/metal music fans here . We have big festivals usually in  the summer and  we get to see the worldwide famous metal bands every year. Usually they take place in Istanbul and Ankara. People go crazy to see their favourite bands, also we have college spring festivals to see both our local bands and famous rock/metal bands on stage. People love to go concerts here.

The band has a great sound, what are the band members background leading up to this?

Of course we all had some background before we met each other. If I speak for myself as the vocalist of the band, I always wanted to be a musician and I started to sing in the children's choir of the school when I was 7. Years later I studied 4 years of music education in college but my style of singing is mostly self-taught, other than singing I play guitar and cello. Baran is the founder of the band, he writes the songs and records them as well. I can say that he is the brain of the band. He started to play guitar and keyboard when he was a child and since then he keeps writing songs and recording demos. Fahri's been playing guitar for years too and also he is giving private guitar lessons. Ertug is the bass player, the friendship between Baran and Ertug is way older than other members. They started to make music in the same black metal band when they were teenagers and then they found the band Revelation together, Ertug was the singer of the band back then. Originally he is a rock/blues session bass player but he wanted to be in this band to come back to his metal roots. Ibrahim is playing the keyboards, his main influences are movie and video game soundtracks. He's been working on beautiful orchestrations for so long. Bekir is an excellent drummer and he is self-taught but he's been playing drums for years as well. He writes the drum tracks for our songs too.

How has Reverbnation helped the band get seen and heard?

Reverbnation is a very powerful community I can say because all we did was to introduce the band, be ourselves and share our songs. In a week people started to discover our music and we got really good responses so we decided to keep ourselves more active there and updated the page very often, kept track of the submissions and reached a lot of people in such a short notice.

Where do you guys play and what are the plans as summer approaches?

Right now we are planning to play in college spring festivals and summer music festivals in Turkey. Hopefully when we finish the album we will get to tour other countries.

What kind of internet presence does the band have and does it help?

We use all kinds of platforms such as Facebook,Twitter and Soundcloud. Also we have a Youtube channel and hopefully our first official music video will be ready in a couple months. All these websites  help us to share our music with more metal fans around the world. Of course we do have an official website too (againstdecay.com) but everything about the band is going so fast lately that our official website is a little left behind, we don't want to have an ordinary website, we want it to be unique and interesting so it's still under construction right now.

In my review of your EP, I stated that you guys sound ready for bigger things, when will you have more music out?

First , thanks again for your wonderful review which made us very proud. Our EP has finished but we are still working on the album. When we are totally done (which is not going to take long), it's going to be out there too. We are not planning to stay independent, we would like to release the album with a well-known record company. If that happens maybe bigger things will happen sooner.

What would you like the readers to know?

We would like to thank everybody who listens to our music, we write the music we love and believe in, we put all the effort we have in it. If they want to hear more from us, it's on the way and we hope they enjoy our new songs too. Also thank you for this great interview .

Thanks for taking the time, great music and I look forward to seeing more of you all!

Cheers, David 

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