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Conjuring their force out of the still burning economic crisis in their homeland of Greece, the band SLAVEATGOD are still at it, and with full force, serving modern Metal spikes. Hailing with their second album, "The Skyline Fission", Dave had a chance to talk to Sinnik of the band regarding the new prospect and more…
Interview - Nick N. aka Sinnik (SlavEATgoD) interview
What was the impetus for forming the band? How was your unique band name chosen?

Plain though it may sound, our passion for music. No matter which state or mood we might find ourselves in, however motivational or the contrary it may feel, we've managed to stay focused on making music for all these years that we've played together and full-heartedly hope to keep on doing so.

Frankly, I'm not sure about how CRS came up with our band name. The way I take it, it certainly does imply that we would be reluctant to be enslaved to any particular deity (to put it mildly ) but maybe when he came up with it, he just liked how it sounds. Whichever the case might be, we would hesitate to suggest the latter because it doesn't sound poetic. Tehehe

Tell us about the state of metal music today in Greece.

Imo, there's tons of talent and a whole lot of unbelievably skilled Greek metal bands, some of which have reached a worldwide reputation. This is absolutely remarkable when coming from a small and poor country like ours. Unfortunately, today's financial and social situation can become disappointing or maybe even devastating; ergo this very period is even harder for bands and musicians. Really good bands keep on coming through and this is quite encouraging to say the very least.

Where did you find your inspiration for writing your songs for the new album? What bands have influenced you and your sound?

The burning desire to create new stuff can sometimes be more than enough as a driving force to compose music. On top of this, living in such a challenging place and especially today can always provide you with all the needed amount of frustration, anger and general negativity. Especially as far as lyrics are concerned the total lack of perspective we've found ourselves trapped in, was a major influential factor and could be considered the main theme of the album.

As far as bands are concerned, we absolutely dig Meshuggah, Periphery, Tesseract, Lamb of God, Machine Head, In Flames and Animals As Leaders among many else. On a personal level, I love Monuments and Textures but also, I've always enjoyed a vast range of non-metal bands such as Jethro Tull, Queen, The Residents, The Tiger Lillies and Crystal Castles. Hardly could there be spotted such an influence in our record tho, I reckon.

I love the combination of Djent and Progressive Death on the new album. How do you work in such a strong commitment to keeping the band so alive, fresh and varied sounding?

Thanks a lot, Dave. It is just something that's happened naturally. It's not always easy to find the motivation and keep on keeping on but with a committed mindset, one always tries to act as he/she should so as not to give up during hardships. No doubt, being in a band with all the pressure, financial issues and occasional ego conflicts will inescapably lead to a string of unpleasant moments. We're still here, however and this means a lot

Who in the band are the primary songwriters? Do you write together or separately?

Stelios, our bass player is definitely the chief songwriter. He is an absolute beast full of great riffs. Yet, as long as he's worked on a song structure to a satisfactory extent, the rest of the band works together on it. CRS always comes up with great arrangements, orchestration and production ideas, while Joni Moas, our new drummer sickens all the drum patterns so as to make our rehearsals even more challenging . My main role is to twist some riffs, come up with some variations of them if asked so, add the lead guitar parts and when the song is ready write the lyrics for it.

Of course, last but definitely not least Jon Howard's contribution in this record was of vital importance. Without his unbelievable vocal arrangements and passionate singing as well as his killer mix, this record wouldn't sound the same. This is how the process has gone for most of our songs till now, yet changing it in the future is definitely not out of the question.

When was your new album, "The Skyline Fission," released? How / where can we purchase the album?

31 March, 2014 by The No Regrets Records. You may ore-order it from the following link:

What are your plans for after the album is released? Is a tour in the works?

We are working on it and we definitely want to go on tour for "The Skyline Fission". We truly believe in this record and would like to share it with our friends in as many places as possible.

What would be your idea of a dream come true tour? What band(s) would you like to share the stage with?

Gee, I don't know. It would be a blessing if we could share the stage with any of the bands that have influenced us.

What does the band like to do for fun? What hobbies and interests do you have?

Some naughty things we would be ashamed to admit . Kidding of course. Certainly, music devours a big amount of our daily lives and this is a blessing. Except for this, as far as I know, Jon Howard is far too busy so most likely he does not have time for any particular non-musical activities except for working out, CRS is into movies, Stelios is into martial arts lately-so you'd better not argue with him to an upsetting level- Joni is an avid gamer and as for myself, I tend to read, watch some underground cartoons or some high quality TV series for the vast majority of my free time.

What lies ahead for SlavEATgoD? What are your goals?

Currently, we are promoting "The Skyline Fission", so we'll try our best to book some good gigs as well. Quite soon, we'll also start collecting ideas for the next record. We hope that Slaveatgod will grow as a band and tour our asses off. Till then, stay heavy unless your doctor suggests otherwise

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