Lotty Whittingham here; during my year at The Temple I have discovered a lot of fantastic bands in the underground Metal scene so every month I will release one of these Lotty Recommends posts. If you or someone you know are in a band and would like to see your name on one the biggest multi-national Metal Music sites then get in touch at

The first band in this addition I am very proud to have come across are right on my doorstep. They are Melodic Death Metal quartet NEFARIOUS and something tells me they will take over. Find out what happened when I managed to squeeze in a chat to find out more about them.
By Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham
April 23, 2015
Nefarious interview
Introduce yourselves; name and what you do in the band?

Dan Silvestri – Vocals, Paul Sheppard – Guitars, Felix Fetchenhaur – Guitars, Andy Blanche – Bass, Jacques Joubert – Drums

Who are your personal musical influences?

Dan:     Mostly Corey Taylor for sure! Also Phil Anselmo, Daniel Tompkins, Mark Hunter, Robb Flynn, Randy Blythe. When listening to someone, it's first their tone of voice and execution of how they perform which grabs me. But I'm a lyricist, so I love these guys lyrics and how they mould into their music.

Paul:     Sithu Aye, Plini, The Saftey Fire, Tesseract, Cannibal Corpse, Allegaeon, Between the Buried and Me, Tosin Abasi/Animals as Leaders, Russian Circles.....Too many influences from too many different different styles.

Felix:    Anyone who can write something I could never have come up with myself, especially if it makes me nod my head. And of course anyone who can rip a nice solo! But most of my song writing buddy Paul Sheppard.

Andy:   I'd go along with Felix - bands that write in an expansive style, with really creative riffs and/or songwriting, but that still tap into that certain something that gets people moving. I like Muse, Alice and Chains, Rush, and on the more metal side I enjoy listening to a bit of Gojira and Opeth."

Jacques Joubert :            Dave Grohl, Vinnie Paul, Chris Adler, Nick Pierce, Matt Cameron, John Sankey, Buddy Rich

How would you describe your sound?

Dan:     We all have so many different influences and our music is a coming together of styles. We have a tight groove machine underpinning it all, as our fundamental element, and what each member of the band contributes beyond that is what gives our music an original sound and feel. We have been compared to the likes of Chimaira, Coal Chamber, Gojira, Lamb of God to name but a few. We graciously accept this as a big compliment, but focus on what Nefarious sounds like to us.

What lyrical themes do you explore?

Dan:     Being in a band is such a great way to relieve stress and escape the demons that follow you. So in the first EP I explored a lot about my own personal experiences, and used the music as a huge release of self-righteous anger built up inside me I just had to let out. It is very venting to talk about the hurtful past you've encountered; this is very noticeable when we play live; I feel every single word I sing. This doesn't mean all Nefarious releases will be written in this way. I'll be looking at new and different places to explore in future songs.

You say 2015 will be a big year, what's in store?

We are all intent on creating new music; heavier, stronger and more powerful. Our plans are to get these new tracks recorded & released on CD. We also are going to focus on our live performance. Writing different songs, and developing as a band. So if you have seen us once, the next time will be different. It is paramount for us to reach out and make new friends, so we are looking at getting some merch printed and focusing on building up a strong fan base around the South Coast, definitely hitting up some wider areas in the UK too! Big things are happening for Nefarious in 2015, watch this space!

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