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PLUSH is an incredibly talented young band. Only one of the four members are legal to drink in the United States. That is not said to disparage their age, it is meant to highlight that they have a long road ahead of them and have lots of time to create more of their immensely relatable and catchy brand of hard rock. From stellar guitars to an incredible rhythm section, these ladies are on top of their game. Rated as Metal Temple writer Kevin Lewis's "Debut Album of 2021", that is likely to be only one of many awards this band garners in the future. The future of rock looks very bright.
By Kevin Lewis
January 18, 2022
PLUSH's Moriah Formica: "Writing and making music is my escape
Where did such an incredibly talented group of young musicians meet? How did this band form?

Moriah Formica - Moriah and Brooke met first. Moriah had seen Brooke on Instagram and was blown away. Moriah's father did some investigating and saw a video where she guested with Nonpoint at a venue Moriah had played a few times. So her dad contacted the venue owner and asked if he knew Brooke. He did and connected the two fathers. From there, they got together and jammed and had instant chemistry. When the pandemic just began they did a cover of Barracuda that went viral and brought a bunch of industry attention. So they decided to form a band. Brooke knew Ashley from playing at School of Rock a few years before so suggested they get together and jam which they did. Again, instant chemistry so they just needed to find a lead guitarist. That proved to be difficult. Moriah reached out to Lzzy Hale to tell her about the project and ask if she knew of any female guitar players. Lzzy has always been supportive of Moriah so she told her that she couldn't think of any off hand but would share their post looking for a guitarist. Bella saw that post and the rest is history!

Who are some of your biggest influences, both for writing music and writing lyrics?

MF - Some of my biggest influences for writing music and lyrics are Evanescence, Halestorm, Paramore, Daughtry, Korn and Lady Gaga.

This album feels deeply personal, almost like a trip through the five stages of grief. Is writing music how you deal with emotional triumphs and tribulations?

MF - Yes, writing and making music is my escape, my release. Something about it is just incredibly healing and therapeutic. Especially when you're going through emotional tribulations.

Having viewed some of your social media posts, your fans seem to really relate to your music on a personal level as well. How does it make you feel, as a writer and musician, to have people connect so intimately with your work?

MF - It's really an indescribable feeling. I remember when I was a kid connecting on a deep level with my favorite artists music. I thought it was so amazing that someone could create something that made me feel so understood and heard. The thought of our music doing that for someone else is amazing and it makes my heart so full.

How did it feel to tour with two well-known bands, both of whom are fronted by iconic women?

MF - Amy and Lzzy are so kind and welcoming and did everything they could to make sure we felt safe, comfortable and excited on our first arena tour! They always gave us words of encouragement and amazing advice on being woman in rock. I feel that I've learned how to be a better front woman just by watching them every night.

Did Amy Lee or Lzzy Hale provide any mentoring or guidance to help you now and into the future? Are there any specific things you learned on that tour that you think needs to be passed on to the next wave of young musicians making their way in the rock/metal world?

MF - Most of what I said the previous question applies here. Really what sticks with me about passing anything on is to be badass and confident in who you are and your craft. Amy and Lzzy are 100% that!

What are some of your favorite memories from this recent tour? What sticks out as something you will take away from it, cherish?

MF - Honestly, the thing that sticks out the most as something I will cherish forever, is the fact that we got to tour with not one but two of my biggest heroes musically and vocally. It's something I've dreamed of since I was a little kid and I certainly didn't expect it to happen!

Who do you want to tour with more than anyone? What is your dream lineup?

MF - I would absolutely love to go on tour with Korn! That's for sure a dream of mine.

Are there any collaborations you would like to do? Who with?

MF - I would love to collab with Lady Gaga, Amy Lee, Lzzy Hale, Lajon from Sevendust, Wolfie.

Specifically for Moriah Formica, how does this record, and touring with Evanescence and Halestorm, compare to your time on The Voice? What lessons from The Voice did you bring to the band?

MF - The Voice was an amazing experience and it most definitely helped me be a better performer, have more confidence and get to where I am now. Being on The Voice and performing on that stage helped prepare me to be able to play the arenas on the Evanescence and Halestorm tour. Something that I learned from The Voice that I've carried with me and to this band, is to stick to your guns and be authentic no matter what.

What is your writing process? Does everyone bring ideas to a common place for a writing session or you each bring a complete song to the table?

MF - Usually I write complete songs or maybe a verse and chorus and bring it to the table for everyone to put their touches on it and then build it from there.

Are there any covers you want to do? What band(s) would you put your spin on?

MF - Lately I've just been so focused on Plush and building ourselves that I honestly haven't thought too much about covers for the first time in my life!!

What is the city/venue you dream of playing?

MF - We can't wait to start playing overseas! Particularly Europe!

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