Morgan Berthet & Devy Diadema

The Mars Chronicles

THE MARS CHRONICLES are a Post Metal band from France that have just laid foot on the Metal ground by releasing an EP, which you will be able to witness its review on the website. Tuosku had the chance to talk with their drummer Morgan Bethet and the mastermind / guitarist / vocalist Devy Diadema, in a fun conversation about their efforts. 
By Tuosku Holopainen
June 5, 2013
Morgan Berthet & Devy Diadema (The Mars Chronicles) interview
Hello guys, thanks for being here tonight.  Would you tell us more about the formation of the band? How did it all start?

Devy: Hello and thanks for welcoming us! We all have already known each other through our different projects, having certainly played together (Seb and me in Opram, Morgan and Yann in M.A.I, etc...). We've wanted to play together for a while now and when I decided to form TMC, everybody was excited about the idea. I've had enough draft compositions, even very elaborate ones. It allowed everyone to grasp what I had in mind. I finished all the songs for the EP and then we headed to the studio to record and complete the drum parts with Morgan. You see? It all happened recently!

Most of the band members are already known in other bands, such as you Morgan with my countrymen Myrath or Devy with Opram. How does The Mars Chronicles experience feel now? How is it different from your previous Metal ventures?

Morgan: About Myrath, I came in halfway, at a moment when the band was already growing and well underway. I'm enjoying the fruits of Myrath members' efforts over the years. As for TMC, we started from scratch but thanks to all we did previously with other projects; we have many contacts and people following us from the beginning. It's really great to see that everybody is here for us, the feedback is really positive.

Devy: Opram was also my baby but when I started that band I was 16 years old, few contacts, little experience... We did cool stuff, basically two albums, but the project faltered, we realized that and we were also losing time. Today with TMC, we know where we are going and we are determined, especially that we have a crazy team supporting us and holding our back: Nicolas Delpierre (photos), Christian Carvin (sound), Roswell (video), Impulse (logistics), Flow from Chromatorium (artwork), Hadrien and Nancy from Send The Wood, Renu from Orka Networks. And then, today I'm playing the kind of music that I really like with musicians that I want to play with. In TMC, everyone is really into what we do, and that's really precious!

The Image of the project is interesting. What inspired this "look" and concept?

Morgan: Devy and I thought that with such a name, it's utterly worth it to seriously think about an outstanding visual aspect. After discussing some silly ideas, we ended up agreeing on this one, something quite cold and aesthetic.

The concept behind the band and the music seems quite original and fresh. How would you describe your style/genre and the overall TMC sound?

Devy: We are labeled as Atmospheric Massive Organic Post Metal. haha! I don't really like the idea of partitioning into a very specific style. Our music is influenced by Metal but also by many other genres and even some other forms of art. If it's really necessary to sum it up and this is only under threatening, I would say Post Metal!

Are there any bands/artists that inspired you?

Morgan: We are all fans of Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, Tool, Karnivool, Textures, Gojira, and Incubus...

Devy : Yes we also like Hacride and Klone, to name French bands, and there are  our friends from Hord as well who have just released a very wicked album.

I listened to the EP, and liked it very much (my review will be up soon). How did your fans from your other bands receive the new material?

Morgan: I personally feel a great support from my friends in Frontal and Myrath and many fans are following the development of the band since few months. I didn't really expect that. It's awesome!

Devy: My former keyboardist and childhood friend from Opram is supporting me greatly. He even made a crazy little video interview for us when we launched the EP pre-orders. Generally, our friends are really supporting because they know that we are really dedicated to this band.

when can we expect more stuff from you, a full-length album for instance?

Morgan: We are currently working on the "Constant Show" music video, and an album will not probably see the light before 2014. We also have a lot of stuff to do with this EP, much more than expected. And given the excellent feedback of the EP, I admit that we are quite pressured for the album. We want to take our time and do it in the best way possible.

Devy: But it can happen soon!

When are you planning to embark on tour?

Morgan: In September we will go on a European tour for two months with a band that you know very well. I cannot reveal it now but all will be announced very soon. We are very excited to uphold the EP on stage.

Haha great! Thanks a lot again, do you have anything to add?

TMC: Thank you for this interview and for helping us bring TMC beyond our boundaries. We hope to come and play in your country soon. MARS IS ALIVE! 

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