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Sins of Omission

Sins of Omission recently released Flesh on your Bones. We interviewed their guitarist Martin Persson about their new kickass website, internet and his weird obsession with our webmaster!
By Orpheus Spiliotopoulos
February 1, 2002
Martin Persson (Sins of Omission) interview
Since our Magazine is an Internet-based Magazine, I'd like you to tell us what your relationship with the Internet is. Which band member is the most active Internet user from all of you guys?

Well , we all use internet quite often so I don´t know who is the most frequent user.

When it comes to the band (interviews , homepage etc.) it´s mostly me , but as I said we all use it and why not , you can get a hold of anything you want at any hour of the day.

The only thing that I think is bad with the internet is that I can´t find any nude pics of Yiannis , no matter how hard I try?!?!

Perhaps You can help me?

[Notice from Yiannis: Not unless you are an intelligent good looking brunette (red hair will do fine too) woman, fan of Peter Jackson's movies, able to withstand the horrific sight she will witness. Oh wait, did I say intelligent? Make that sick ]

I Noticed your official site is down. When will it be up?

In the end of next week man!

It´s a really cool fuckin´ site with mp3 , pics , news , info , video and the creator of it is none other than Patrik Lindgren from Thyrfing!Why do it yourself when you know people who are twice as good at it? Be sure to check it out!

Sweden is a country that mainly promotes Death Metal bands. How do you feel about this fact and what's your opinion on the other Swedish Death Metal bands? Which bands from Sweden do you admire the most?

Sweden is fuckin´ boiling over with deathmetal bands and that´s good!

It´s always boring if there is only 2-3 bands around and what the hell , a little competition is always damn good in every genre!No band can relax and do a crappy album ´cause then you lost the spot and it´s someone elses + if there are many bands around you have so much more to choose to hear , see live etc.

But as in all countries there are a lot of shitty bands also but you can always choose not to listen without complaining.

In my opinion a shitty band is a band who don´t master their instruments properly , it really sucks to hear those bands play but don´t get me wrong, I don´t mean that every band should start out perfect(being in a band is a learning experience) but when a band have played for several years and have released a couple of records I think they should fuckin´ master their instruments!

There are lots and lots of good bands in Sweden but a few bands I like are Thyrfing(listen to their killer album out soon , it rules!!) , The Haunted and Hatework (a small swedish band who kick some serious ass).

You always seem to have had a specific problem during all the time you've been involved in music, as a band. And that's none other than your constant loss and search for singers. Why do you think this has been happening to you so often? Is your latest singer the one who'll stay forever?

Actually I think You have got this wrong , we have only had two singers in Sins of Omission ; Toni Kocmut and now Mårten Hansen!

We had some problems after the release of The Creation ´cause Toni didn´t really want to do the vocals on that album. It was impossible to play gigs for a while and that sucked but on the debut album i think Toni did a great job screaming the lyrics.I think that it is always better , at least in a metal band , to have a singer who can concentrate on screaming his lungs out without having to worry about no damn instruments (live that is).When Toni quit the band we had to find a new singer and a new guitarist ,but now we have Marten , the sickest , most brutal deathmetal singer of all time and Mattias on guitar , a fast , technical guitarist who is also very easy to work with so our bandsituation is perfect right now.

Talk to us in a few words about the cover and the title of the album. What do each represent and what are the inspirations behind everything?

The whole concept of Flesh On Your Bones is from track 10 on the album , Sinners redemption , and if you read the vocals on that song I think you can figure it out! Sins of Omission is the flesh on your bones

and as you can see, the album cover lacks the flesh , what that represents you will have to figure out for yourselves.

Are you completely satisfied with the final outcome of the album's production?

I think the sound is great but if I could change anything it would be the total studio time wich was only 2 weeks! We didn´t have time to dub our rythmguitars but I think the sound is great anyway.Studio Underground is a great place to record an album at and we will probably record our next album there as well.

May I ask why you chose Slayer's Angel of Death to do as a cover song? What does this song represent to you? Are you happy with the cover song?

We have played that song live since – 96 and when we were in the studio we thought what the hell , let´s record it and have it as a bonus track for the japanese release of the album.But the record company liked it so much that they put it on the album instead so actually 2 weeks ago we had to record Priests The Sentinel instead for Japan!So we didn´t really want it on the album but I think we do a great cover with it and it´s great fun playing it live as well.

Tell us a few things about the promotion of the album. Any Tours in mind? I read that Black Sun has made a deal with Century Media. Does that affect you in any way?

This spring we will go on a European tour together with Vomitory and Amon Amarth called Swedish Force 2002 and that is a real chance for us ´cause we really are a live band more than an album band so we will for sure gain lots of fans on this tour ,it´s a great chance.

Black Sun´s deal with Century Media will probably affect us in the way that they will release Flesh on your Bones in North America and that´s also a great chance for us.As mentioned earlier we have a license deal in Japan as well (Soundholic) and Flesh on your Bones will for sure do better than The Creation.

I want a short phrase from each and every one of you guys about the world crisis we're all going through. (Send a positive message to the world)

You can get my opinion on the world today.I think that too many people panic just because a thing like this happens in the wonderful USA and they finally understand that it can happen anywhere.If this had happened in Afghanistan (by an american citizen) do you think that USA would give out their citizen to Afghanistan just like that – no fuckin´ way.I don´t take anyones part ; it doesn´t matter what it says in your passport , if you kill civilians you are an asshole.

Oops , you wanted a positive message!

Here it is , the world will get over this for sure and my sympathies go out to all of the victims , both americans and the victims in Afghanistan.

What lies ahead for Sins of Omission, after Flesh on Your Bones? What's next?

As mentioned we will go on tour this spring and we have already started to write songs for the next album.We will record it next fall so we don´t have a big gap between the records like we had between The Creation and our new album Flesh on your Bones (due to the lineup changes).

Our next album will be totally crazy metal with even sicker guitars , the new songs kick ass!

Great work guys. I'd like to congratulate you on this great effort to give to the world what you love most, music. Thanks for this Interview.

Thank YOU very much for this interview and I hope that You are pleased with the answers!Continue with your kickass-site please!

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