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Recently, Manel Lilioth had the chance to sit down with Marco Monaco of POEMISIA regarding the band's new album "La Danza Degli Spiriti", conveying the spirituality of Symphonic Metal, check it out.
By Manel Lilioth
February 13, 2014
Interview - Marco Monaco (Poemisia) interview
Hello Marco, I thank you for taking this interview for Metal Temple, it's an honor to interview thee. How have you been?

Hi Manel! I'm fine thanks, and I hope you are so! It's a great pleasure for me to be interviewed from you.

First of all, let's begin with key info points regarding your band Poemisia. What can you tell about it?

Well, Poemisia is a symphonic/grotesque metal band from south Italy. The band was born in 2011 from Tina Gagliotta and I. We completed the line up with the rest of the guys after some months. Our live activity began in 2012 and our first official LP has been "la danza degli spiriti" released on October 31 via Spider Rock Promotion.

What can you tell us about the music and sound of Poemisia?

We like to define our music genre as "symphonic-grotesque metal"; our musical style combines a metal instrumental part with lyrical voice and operatic elements and influences. As you have listened we have a soprano voice and we often use orchestral sounds. In two songs we have also put some very baroque-sounding parts in which we used a real string trio. Beside this, we have many elements that are typical of the opera and of symphonic music.

Is "La Danza Degli Spiriti" your first release in your career? And why did you choose to create songs in your mother language? Isn't it better to sing it in English so you can attract more fans?

"la Danza degli Spiriti" is our first official release in our carreer. In summer 2012 we made, as unsigned band, a Promo/EP called "L'occulto desìo" containing 4 songs. For sure, singing in English is a commercially-wise better solution, but Italian is the operatic language par excellence. We are very open about the use of the language, we have also used latin in our songs and in the future we would like to use French or German.

Any particular track that you wish to mention that had a distinct effect on you personally?

Well, every track of the album has a peculiar effect on us and has a particular meaning, so really I cannot say if there is one that has a distinct effect more than others. For sure I have to say that in the song "Anemone" I can feel a different kind of work in songwriting, also because it is the only song in the album written entirely by Tina with some help from me. I think that the song represents fully what the band is at the moment and what we want to be in the next future.

What are your main influences? First when I listened to your album, it felt like you're deep influenced by EPICA, how do you accept these reviews of always being compared to this famous Symphonic Metal band?

Each one of us has really different musical backgrounds and experiences and of course this is reflected in our sound. Maybe saying that our main influences are Epica (as Nightwish) is a bit reductive. Personally I love some songs of Epica and I think that they are a really good band, but I don't think they are a source of inspiration for us. Epica have a more modern-sounding style. The direction in which we try to move is for sure a symphonic metal, but with many more baroque elements in it. If I have to say which band I feel closer too, I'd say Haggard at the moment.

As you know, there are hundreds of bands in your genre out there in the world. What are your plans and your visions toward your career to become more unique in your style?

Yes you are right: unfortunately (or maybe FORTUNATELY) there are really a lot of bands out there. And in this panorama it's not simple to have a unique character, something that makes you be recognized among other thousands of bands. Believe me, we constantly work to improve this. We think that this is the most important thing for a band nowadays, even more important than technique. The personality of a band is something which is always the same but in the meantime it is always in evolution. We would like for the future to improve our operatic part. Also the theatrical and scenografic part is very important for us and for the future we want to improve this aspect.

Is there a scheduling for tour in Europe soon?

No, at the moment there isn't any schedule for touring in Europe. Last year we had some shows in Lowlands in support of our unofficial release: "l'occulto desìo" and we had a very good response from the local people. We're planning to return there to promote our LP but it is not in schedule yet. For now I'm trying to schedule some promotional dates in Italy for the early/mid 2014, so stay tuned!

Can you describe us a little bit about your work relations with Spider Rock Promotion?

We met Spider Rock during their "Talent Scout Contest". Since then we started a relationship till now that we signed with them. We are very proud of our work together.

Are you willing to release another full-length in 2014? Will it be different from anything that has been heard already from Poemisia?

We are working on new songs, but I think it's too early to come up with a date of a new release. For now our main goal is to promote our debut album and this is what we will do for the rest of 2014. Anyways I think that on the next release, whenever it will be out, there will be some cool new stuff that we are preparing, and maybe if things go how they have to go, there will be a really big surprise…

Thank you for your time, is there something that you wish say to our readers and to your fans?

Thank you Manel! Goodbye to all of you guys! Horns up and always keep the metal spirit alive!

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