Lars Johansson


Among his various projects alongside with being the lead guitarist for the legendary Swedish band CANDLEMASS that has set the guidelines for Doom metal bands to come, Lars Johansson cherishes his early blues Rock/ Hard Rock influences with a super band of ace musicians, to name but a few fellow CANDLEMASS mate Màts Leven ( ex. THERION as well) and the late Roger Eklöf on guitars (rest in peace). The self-titled album was indeed the best tribute possibly paid to him as well as the 70s galactic music trek within riffs and fusion. As someone having an aversion to the term "interview" for its stressful connotation, discussing music with Lars is actually more of a chilled conversation in a cultural café. Certainly Metal Temple readers will get the point!

N.B.: at 16 minutes 40, it's a reference to the first metal camp fest in Africa that has just been cancelled due to the newly-announced state of emergency in Tunisia. We hope the fest gets on its feet next year!
By Vladimir Leonov
September 29, 2015
Lars Johansson (Candlemass) interview
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